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I’ve been back in the southwest in Toulouse for 2 months and already there’ve been many climbs!

A small trip to Spain, for many 8a routes in Tres Ponts (El Segre, Mites Moderns) and Rodellar (Acrabita)

I execute finally Jungle Boogie, big 8b in Sedour crag ! Satisfaction & alleviation.

I climb quickly many routes near home at Super Manjoc (Toast'n Quick, 8a+) and La Croix (Guignol, 8b - Rinné, 8a)

After lots of bolting this summer, I was tired and just wanted to have fun with climbing... but some lines call on me :-)

And that's the birth of "Le cri de la planète", 8a (SuperManjoc), "La belle et le bête", 7c (Sedour) , "Tuf & tondu", 8a/b and the most beautiful : "la muse...", 8b (La Croix)

Project : "Smocking Orchestra", 8b+ (Sedour)

Next step : St-Léger du Ventoux in a few weeks :-)

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