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A camping tarp is a great way to add a layer of weather protection to your lightweight camping setup. When you're out on an expedition in the mountains or hiking over the moors the last thing you want is to carry a heavy tent. Couple a camping tarp shelter with a Rab bivvy bag or bivvy tent and you've got an instant camp ready for a good nights sleep.

Another way to enjoy your camping tarp is over a camping hammock out in the wilderness with just your warm sleeping bag listening to everything the outdoors has to offer at night, a fantastic way to unwind and disconnect.

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    1 Person Siltarp Shelter

    A versatile, light-weight 1 person shelter.
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    2 Person Siltarp Shelter

    A light-weight shelter. 2-3 persons.
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    3 Person Siltarp Shelter

    A light-weight shelter. 3-5 persons.
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    2 Persons Guides Siltarp Shelter

    A light-weight tarp that offers versatile coverage and shelter for 3-4 persons.
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