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A modest hand sewn sleeping bag – that’s where it all began. Now decades later, we are equipped with the knowledge gained only by experience.

By meticulously counting grams, methodically measuring insulation, and weathering long nights on frozen summits, our latest range of sleeping bags boasts unbeatable performance. Whether you’re launching a polar expedition or bivying for a summit sunrise, nothing beats the superior warmth to weight ratio of down. Utilising cutting-edge hydrophobic treatments, this natural insulator is now more resilient than ever before. Designed for alpinists, mountaineers and expeditions at all altitudes, our lightweight and packable down bags offer superior performance across a range of seasons. To this day we hand-fill our down bags at our factory in Derbyshire, UK. This ensures the high-quality down is never compressed and remains lofted through from source to consumer.

Our sleeping bags feature innovative designs to reduce bulk and improve efficiency, from tapered mummy shapes and snug down draught collars, to lightweight stuff sacks and anti-snag zips. Built with trapezoid baffle construction to maximise the lofting of the down inside and reliable downproof fabrics, all our sleeping bags are built for a lifetime of rigorous mountain use.

In this range you'll find lightweight bags for mild climates, cold weather sleeping bags, as well as extreme cold weather sleeping bags, offering refuge in the harshest expedition conditions. Temperature and comfort rated, you can choose which bag is right for your adventure. If you're looking for warmth but don't want down insulation, then check out our range of synthetic insulated sleeping bags.

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