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When you're on a multi-day expedition and pushing yourself to the limit, a good night’s sleep is imperative. Our range of specialist mountain tents and bivvy tents are lightweight and easy to transport, yet highly protective to shelter you from the elements.

Shop the Rab® range of mountain tents, and why not couple it with one of our famous insulated sleeping bags to ensure that your next night under the stars is a memorable one. In case of emergency when out in the mountains, our Rab® group shelters offer shelter and visibility for rescuers, a must-have 'just in case'.

If you're looking for something even more compact as a sleeping option, why not check out our range of bivvy bags.

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  1. Signal Orange
  2. Signal Orange

    Latok Mountain 3

    A 2-3 person waterproof bivi, designed for multi-night use.
  3. Signal Orange
  4. Dark Shark

    Latok Mountain 2 Vestibule

    Additional gear storage and cooking space for the Latok Mountain 2 bivi.
  5. Orange
  6. Orange
  7. Orange

    Group Shelter 2

    An emergency shelter for 1-2 people.
  8. Orange
  9. Orange

    Superlite Shelter 2

    An ultralight 2 person emergency shelter, designed for use on fast-and-light mountaineering trips.