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Our range of women’s waterproof jackets is designed to keep the very worst weather at bay.

From the beginning, Rab have been constantly researching and refining waterproof jacket design. Exploring and testing new technologies, developing our fit for mountain adventures. Today we use leading waterproof technologies including GORE-TEX, Pertex® Shield and our own Proflex®, offering softshell comfort with hardshell waterproof performance. Quality waterproof jackets built for mountain running, hiking, scrambling, and climbing have a careful balance to strike. They must be highly breathable to allow perspiration to escape while maintaining protection from the very worst mountain weather. Built for pushing performance on your next ascent, our waterproof and windproof jackets are designed to adapt and keep you comfortable.

Featuring refined designs and activity specific features, there’s a Rab waterproof jacket for every mountain pursuit. From tough YKK® AquaGuard® zips and adjustable hoods to seal out the elements, to carefully positioned hand and chest pockets and two-way zips for harness compatibility. All our jackets offer the highest performance and quality waterproof protection, so you can get out and focus on the adventure.


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  1. Deep Heather

    Women's Valiance Waterproof Down Jacket

    Insulated waterproof jacket filled with recycled down, built for wild wintery days.
  2. Deep Heather

    Women's Firewall Waterproof Jacket

    Versatile 3-layer waterproof jacket built for year-round mountain adventures.
  3. Deep Heather

    Women's Khroma Kinetic Waterproof Jacket

    Lightweight, stretchy, and breathable shell for ski touring and ski mountaineering.
  4. Orion Blue

    Women's Khroma Latok GORE-TEX® Pro Jacket

    Tough and breathable GORE-TEX Pro hardshell for ski mountaineering.
  5. Patriot Blue

    Women's Latok Alpine GORE-TEX® Pro Jacket

    Tough and breathable GORE-TEX Pro hardshell for steep rock, ice, and alpinism.
  6. Deep Ink

    Women's Latok Mountain GORE-TEX® Pro Jacket

    Protective 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro shell for hillwalking, hiking and mountain treks.
  7. Patriot Blue

    Women's Namche GORE-TEX® Jacket

    Everyday adventure, 3-layer GORE-TEX shell engineered with lower environmental impact.
  8. Ultramarine/Aquamarine

    Women's Zanskar GORE-TEX® Jacket

    Versatile 3-layer GORE-TEX with 100% recycled face fabric.
  9. Patriot Blue

    Women's Khroma Transpose Insulated Jacket

    Highly breathable and lightly insulated jacket for ski mountaineering and touring.
  10. Deep Ink

    Women's Valiance Waterproof Down Parka

    Insulated waterproof parka filled with recycled down, built for wild wintery days.
  11. Shell Wash and Proofer Twin Pack (225ml/3 washes)

    Shell Wash and Proofer Twin Pack (225ml/3 washes)

    Specially formulated cleaner and performance proofer to restore your waterproof gear to peak condition.

  12. Pre Wash for Outdoor Gear (150ml)

    Pre Wash for Outdoor Gear (150ml)

    Spray-on pre wash and stain remover for technical garments.

  13. Performance Proofer (225ml/3 applications)

    Performance Proofer (225ml/3 applications)

    Specially formulated wash-in treatment to restore waterproof finish to outdoor gear. Enough for three proofs.

  14. Shell Wash (225ml/3 washes)

    Shell Wash (225ml/3 washes)

    Specially formulated cleaner for technical waterproof outerwear. Enough for three washes.

  15. Red Grapefruit

    Women's Phantom Waterproof Pull-On Jacket

    Ultimate mountain running, stash-and-forget waterproof shell.
  16. Red Grapefruit/Deep Heather

    Women's Kinetic Ultra Waterproof Jacket

    The ultimate put-on, keep-on mountain running waterproof.
  17. Storm Green

    Women's Arc Eco Waterproof Jacket

    A versatile 3-layer waterproof jacket for multi-season use made with 100% recycled fabric.

  18. Crimson

    Women's Kangri GORE-TEX Jacket

    Robust and reliable 3-Layer GORE-TEX waterproof jacket for mountain adventures in all conditions.
  19. Deep Ink

    Women's Khroma Cirque GORE-TEX Jacket

    A lightweight, breathable, and packable jacket for the backcountry skier.
  20. Dark Butternut

    Women's Khroma Volition GORE-TEX Jacket

    Insulated 2-layer GORE-TEX jacket designed for deep winter skiers.
  21. Beluga

    Women's Kinetic Alpine 2.0 Waterproof Jacket

    Stretchy, breathable, waterproof jacket with softshell comfort and hardshell protection.
  22. Deep Heather

    Women's Kinetic 2.0 Waterproof Jacket

    All-day mountain softshell comfort with hardshell weather protection.
  23. Nightfall Blue

    Women's Downpour Plus 2.0 Waterproof Jacket

    Versatile, all-mountain waterproof shell made with 100% recycled face fabric.

  24. Nightfall Blue

    Women's Downpour Eco Waterproof Jacket

    Versatile waterproof shell made with 100% recycled fabric and membrane.
  25. Bering Sea

    Women's Meridian GORE-TEX® Jacket

    Advanced weather protection, highly versatile.  GORE-TEX® Paclite.