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So we’re in a bit of a quiet period for now – a murky, breezy north westerly flow keep the freezing level just above the tops. Nothing gained, but basically most of the snow still in-situ. With a forecasted return to colder weather over the weekend it should be game on once again next week. It’s been such a great few weeks it’s been kinda nice to chill out a bit and get back into some training. Big Trev has made an appearance from the States and is in-situ at my place for the week though so I’ll need to be vigilant and keep the lid on the whisky bottle!

I’ve been getting very excited about a couple of projects in the pipe, really because they’re different to the usual long-sustained-hard-but-might-just-go-on-sight stuff that is my chosen tipple. I don’t like working routes in winter, it just feels WRONG – like cheating – and I guess at the end of the day I prefer the intensity and uncertainty of the on-sight with a good mate. The whole shared adventure-partnership thing is where it’s at. But these projects are different, embracing what are obviously going to be full-on grade X+ territory. I figure it’s time a tried something proper hard while I can still be arsed and have a vague chance of getting to the top. Knuckles and shoulders take a right old beating going winter climb week after week season after season and I don’t think the hard stuff will carry on for ever (hmmmmm….). So the last few training sessions have been with maximum weight, big heavy boots, and for 2-3 hours. I’ll hopefully get another couple in before getting out next week.

Strangely enough, I think deep down I’m still kind of optimistic for a shared on-sight adventure, but I think the chances this time are fairly slim! sometimes it’s good to get your arse well and truly kicked. We’ll see.

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