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End of the summer.. We endless found some time to go mountaineering together with my good friend Matthieu Portefaix☺

Let’s go to Chamonix and the main objective is the Küffner ridge.. First day driving to Mt-Blanc valley and the Contamine route on the Aiguille du Peigne, so as to profit from the valley..

We sleep in the world-opened apartment of our friend Seb Ratel.. He advises us about the gear, and the route and we benefit from his experience.. It’s a 2 days route normally, but we want to do it “one push”, starting from Chamonix with the first cable-car at 7H.. The last one at the Midi-Needle is at 17H30.. let’s go running !!

It snowed 2 days before and we were the firsts on the ridge, alone, no tracks, no voices.. just magic !! We climbed for a long time in the fog, with some amazing views time to time and the whole sun at the top

First “4000” for me, no headache but the engine warmed up a bit slowly..  the back-up to cable-car was hard and we finally arrive at 17H ☺

Let’s go to the bar, the beer is never so good than after a long mountain day !!

It was the first mountain route together and was very nice understanding, many more will certainly come..[gallery ids="5727,5728,5730,5731,5732,5726"]

Sylvain Thiabaud