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A good night’s sleep is imperative - whether you're waiting out a storm or spending a night under the stars, our camping shelters and storm shelters offer essential protection from the elements. Lightweight and emergency options available.

Shop the Rab® range of, bivvi bags and camping tarps and couple them up with one of our famous insulated sleeping bags to ensure that your next night under the stars is a memorable one.

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  1. Horizon

    Latok Summit

    Summit push expedition tent for steep, hostile peaks.
  2. Horizon

    Latok Mountain Tent

    Multi-night, two-person tent for high-mountain and polar use.
  3. Olive

    Alpine Bivi

    Stripped back, ultra-light bivi for fast, footloose alpinism.
  4. Horizon

    Ridge Raider Bivi

    Practical freestanding bivi for flexible backpacking and bikepacking tours.
  5. Danube

    Storm Bivi

    A light-weight single-person bivi, in a breathable 70D Hyperlite Storm fabric.
  6. Olive

    Survival Zone Lite Bivi

    An ultralight-weight sleeping bag cover for emergency protection.
  7. Olive

    Ascent Bivi

    A light-weight, single-person waterproof bivi.
  8. Grey

    3 Person Siltarp Shelter

    A light-weight shelter. 3-5 persons.
  9. Grey

    2 Person Siltarp Shelter

    A light-weight shelter. 2-3 persons.
  10. Grey

    1 Person Siltarp Shelter

    A versatile, light-weight 1 person shelter.
  11. Grey
  12. Grey
  13. Olive
  14. Black
  15. Signal Orange
  16. Signal Orange

    Latok Mountain 3

    A 2-3 person waterproof bivi, designed for multi-night use.
  17. Dark Shark
  18. Black


    Adjustable Rab® Braces with four attachment points.
  19. Yellow

    2 Persons Guides Siltarp Shelter

    A light-weight tarp that offers versatile coverage and shelter for 3-4 persons.
  20. Dark Shark
  21. Dark Shark
  22. Dark Shark
  23. Dark Shark

    Latok Mountain 2 Vestibule

    Additional gear storage and cooking space for the Latok Mountain 2 bivi.
  24. Orange

    Ark Emergency Bivi

    An ideal lightweight bivi bag for emergency situations.
  25. Orange
  26. Orange
  27. Orange

    2 Person Group Shelter

    An emergency shelter for 1-2 people.
  28. Orange
  29. Orange

    2 Person Superlite Shelter

    An ultralight 2 person emergency shelter, designed for use on fast-and-light mountaineering trips.
  30. Orange