Since getting out to the crag or your local climbing wall isn’t possible at the moment, we’ve compiled some of the great climbing training videos produced by our friends at Lattice Training which cover a series of exercises you can do at home.

Founded by Rab athlete Tom Randall, Lattice Training are dedicated to providing the best climbing training services to clients all over the world. These services include a range of climbing assessments, training plans and training products.

How to Warm Up for Climbing at Home

To avoid injury and make the most of each session, it’s essential to warm up before undertaking any training workouts. This video covers a combination of full body exercises, as well as some more specific shoulder and finger exercises to get you warm for a fingerboard session at home.

Climbing Training at Home

In this video, Tom Randall provides insight into a range of hoe training topics including how to adapt your normal training sessions to home sessions, what grip positions are best, and showing some examples of specific exercises you can do from home such as dumbbell curls and finger curls.

6 Minute Home Climbing Workout

This six-minute video covers a series of conditioning exercises that can be done from home. You can stack the exercises on top of each other to make a circuit session, or complete them in one go as a standalone six-minute workout. All you need is a pull-up bar and some floor space!

Lattice 6 Minute Core Workout

This video runs through a six-minute core workout you can follow along with and do from home, with minimal equipment required – just a mat and a few weights.

Home Training Work Out – Minimal Equipment!

Not all of us have dumbells or weights to hand, so in this video, Ollie Tor runs through a number of creative exercises you can do with everyday home equipment.

Check out Lattice Training and their Crimpd training app for more training resources, assessments and climbing training plans.