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If you're a regular climber, you'll know how important it is that your climbing clothing moves with you and doesn't hold you back. Whether your sport climbing, bouldering or trad climbing, your clothing needs to move with you.

The Rab® range of women's climbing clothing and accessories has been developed specifically with climbers in mind. That means, for example, that our waterproof jackets have hoods to fit a climbing helmet, while our women's softshell jackets are breathable for active use.

  1. Ultramarine

    Women's Ascendor Hoody

    Warm, breathable fleece hoody with body mapped technology.
  2. Patriot Blue
    Coming Soon

    Women's Ascendor Light Hoody

    Lightweight, hooded fleece designed for climbing and alpinism made with recycled materials.
  3. Ultramarine
    Coming Soon

    Women's Ascendor Pull-On

    Warm, breathable fleece midlayer with body mapped technology.
  4. Marmalade

    Women's Ascendor Summit Hoody

    The ultimate fleece for winter climbers with body mapped technology and windproof overlays.
  5. Beluga
    Coming Soon

    Women's Conduit Crew

    Lightweight, fleece baselayer for cold conditions, built with recycled materials.
  6. Red Grapefruit

    Women's Conduit Hoody

    Lightweight, hooded fleece baselayer for cold conditions, built with recycled materials.
  7. Deep Heather

    Women's Conduit Pull-On

    Lightweight, half-zip fleece baselayer for cold conditions, built with recycled materials.
  8. Patriot Blue

    Women's Conduit Tights

    Lightweight fleece baselayer leggings for cold conditions, built with recycled materials.
  9. Patriot Blue

    Women's Latok Alpine GORE-TEX® Pro Jacket

    Tough and breathable GORE-TEX Pro hardshell for steep rock, ice, and alpinism.
  10. Black

    Women's Latok GORE-TEX® Pro Pants

    GORE-TEX Pro waterproof pants engineered for extreme ascents.
  11. Dark Butternut

    Women's Mythic Alpine Down Jacket

    Ultra-warm and lightweight down jacket for when weight and mobility are critical.
  12. Orion Blue

    Women's Mythic Ultra Down Jacket

    Our first down jacket with heat retaining TILT technology. Breakthrough warmth for weight.
  13. Nightfall Blue

    Women's Force Ls Tee

    Lightweight, fast-drying, long sleeved tee, designed for next to skin comfort. 
  14. Heather

    Women's Lateral Tee

    Versatile, quick-wicking short sleeve tee with superb stretch and softness.
  15. Storm Green/Grey Marl

    Women's Lateral LS Tee

    Versatile, quick-wicking long sleeve tee with superb stretch and softness.
  16. Beluga

    Women's Force Tee

    Lightweight, fast-drying, short sleeved tee, designed for next to skin comfort.
  17. Geranium

    Women's Forge LS Tee

    A lightweight baselayer optimised for wicking, warmth and temperature regulation.
  18. Deep Heather

    Women's Cosine Shorts

    Lightweight, stretch cotton, pull-on, 10.5-inch shorts for hot summer rock climbs.
  19. Black

    Women's Metron Tights

    High-waisted, stretch climbing leggings with body mapped reinforcements.
  20. Dark Butternut

    Women's Obtuse Pants

    Ultra-lightweight, pull-on, stretch pants for summer rock climbing.
  21. Red Grapefruit

    Women's Dihedral Crew

    Stretchy, breathable, 92% recycled, long sleeve crew designed for climbing.
  22. Bering Sea

    Women's Dihedral Hoody

    Stretchy, breathable, 92% recycled hoody with cross-over collar, designed for climbing.
  23. Oxblood Red

    Rab Chalk Bag

    No-nonsense chalk bag with drawcord closure and waist belt.
  24. Oxblood Red

    Rab Misfit 27L Climbing Pack

    Versatile, climbing day pack for indoor and outdoor sessions.
  25. Oxblood Red

    Rab Outcast 44L Climbing Pack

    Robust sport climbing backpack with rope tarp.
  26. Ebony

    Rab Rogue 48L Crag Pack

    Large volume, comfortable crag pack for fully loaded approaches.
  27. Oxblood Red

    Rab Slacker Rope Bag

    A fuss free, roll top rope bag that doubles as ground sheet to protect your rope.
  28. Firecracker

    Rab Tensor 10L Lightweight Pack

    A lightweight 10 litre multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, cycling and running.
  29. Deep Ink

    Rab Tensor 15L Lightweight Pack

    A lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running.
  30. Black

    Rab Tensor 20L Lightweight Pack

    A lightweight multi-purpose day pack ideal for summer hiking, trail running and cycling.
  31. Black

    Rab Tensor 5L Lightweight Pack

    A lightweight multi-purpose day pack suitable for hiking, biking and running.
  32. Ultramarine
    New Colours

    Women's Xenair Alpine Light Insulated Jacket

    A lightweight, breathable, synthetic hoody with body mapped insulation.
  33. Crimson
    New Colours

    Women's Torque Pants

    Flexible, slim-fit and uncompromising technical pant for warm climates.
  34. Bering Sea

    Mojette Knitted Beanie

    A warm wool blend beanie made with recycled materials.
  35. Black

    Rab Escape 70L Kit Bag

    Spacious, lightweight, and durable kit bag, ideal for a week of adventure or a campervan quest.
  36. Ascent Blue

    Rab Escape 50L Kit Bag

    Spacious, lightweight, and durable kit bag, great for multi-activity weekend getaways or road trips.
  37. Oxblood Red

    Rab Escape 90L Kit Bag

    Spacious, lightweight, and durable kit bag, to hold everything you need for an epic adventure.
  38. Orion Blue

    Women's Cubit Stretch Down Hoody

    Recycled down hooded jacket built with durable, wind resistant stretch fabric.
  39. Ebony
    New Colours

    Women's Cubit Stretch Down Vest

    Recycled down gilet built with durable, wind resistant stretch fabric.
  40. Patriot Blue
    New Colours

    Women's Nexus Full-Zip Stretch Fleece

    A lightweight, midlayer jacket made with stretch fleece for mobility and comfort.
  41. Ebony

    Women's Capstone AS Softshell Pants

    All-season, stylish softshell pant for any outdoor adventure.
  42. Black

    Photon Insulated Pants

    Synthetic insulated mountain pant for cold weather expeditions.
  43. Patriot Blue/Purple Sage
    New Colours

    Women's Microlight Alpine Down Jacket

    Lightweight down jacket to take anywhere. Windproof, breathable, packable.
  44. Deep Heather
    New Colours

    Women's Microlight Down Jacket

    Bestseller. Warm, windproof, breathable, packable.
  45. Ultramarine
    New Colours

    Women's Infinity Microlight Down Jacket

    Lightweight, protective hooded down jacket with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® and recycled down.
  46. Patriot Blue
    New Colours

    Women's Infinity Alpine Down Jacket

    Definitive alpine down jacket offering uncompromised protection, warmth, and light weight.
  47. Deep Heather
    New Colours

    Women's Positron Pro Jacket

    Constructed to optimise warmth and mobility whilst minimising bulk.
  48. Anthracite (Red Grapefruit)
    New Colours

    Women's Electron Pro Down Jacket

    Mid-weight, technical down jacket. Water-resistant outer shell.
  49. Ultramarine/Aquamarine
    New Colours

    Women's Neutrino Pro Down Jacket

    An ultra-warm and packable, down-filled, weather resistant jacket.
  50. Red Grapefruit
    New Colours

    Women's Cirrus Alpine Insulated Jacket

    Lightweight, hooded, easy-stash mountain all-rounder with high-loft synthetic insulation.
  51. Ultramarine
    New Colours

    Women's Xenair Alpine Insulated Jacket

    Adaptable synthetic insulated hoody, the warmest jacket in the Xenair range.
  52. Deep Ink

    Women's Xenair Insulated Jacket

    Warm and adaptable synthetic insulated jacket for all mountain use.
  53. Beluga
    New Colours

    Women's Xenon 2.0 Insulated Jacket

    Tough and versatile synthetic insulated jacket made with recycled materials.
  54. Deep Heather

    Women's Xenair Light Insulated Jacket

    A breathable and ultra-lightweight jacket with body mapped synthetic insulation.
  55. Atlantis
    New Colours

    Women's Vapour-Rise™ Summit Jacket

    The all-in-one, multi-sport mountain softshell.
  56. Ruby

    Women's Muztag GORE-TEX® Pro Jacket

    Fully-featured specialist GORE-TEX® jacket for harsh, hostile weather. Lightweight but durable.

  57. Fig/Blackcurrant

    Women's Ladakh GORE-TEX® Jacket

    Hardshell, GORE-TEX protection with softshell comfort.
  58. Sagano Green
    New Colours

    Women's Ascendor AS Climbing Softshell Pants

    All-season, mid-weight soft shell pants offering protection on mixed mountain and alpine terrain.
  59. Ebony

    Women's Ascendor Alpine Softshell Pants

    Our definitive winter mountaineering pant for pushing your limits in winter alpine conditions.
  60. Black

    Women's Muztag GORE-TEX® Pro Pant

    Designed for alpinists and progressive climbers operating in harsh, wet conditions.
  61. Nightfall Blue

    Women's Kinetic 2.0 Waterproof Jacket

    All-day mountain softshell comfort with hardshell weather protection.
  62. Beluga
    New Colours

    Women's Kinetic Alpine 2.0 Waterproof Jacket

    Stretchy, breathable, waterproof jacket with softshell comfort and hardshell protection.
  63. Red Grapefruit
    New Colours

    Women's Borealis Jacket

    Our lightest softshell, wind resistant and highly breathable.
  64. Deep Heather
    New Colours

    Women's Cirrus Flex 2.0 Insulated Jacket

    Synthetic insulated jacket for lighter, warmer, more flexible layering.
  65. Deep Heather
    New Colours

    Women's Cirrus Flex 2.0 Insulated Hooded Jacket

    Lightweight synthetic insulation with stretch fleece panels for ultimate versatility.
  66. Steel
    New Colours

    Women's Cirrus Flex 2.0 Insulated Vest

    Flexible synthetic insulation for core warmth.
  67. Crimson/Deep Heather

    Women's Torque Mountain Pant

    Durable, lightweight do-it-all mountain pant for ultimate freedom of movement.
  68. Atlantis

    Women's Ascendor Light Pant

    Lightweight, technical climbing pant for cool comfort on multi-pitch routes.
  69. Black

    Women's Kinetic Alpine 2.0 Waterproof Pant

    Breathable waterproof shell pant for light, fast alpine adventures.
  70. Dark Butternut

    Women's Valkyrie Pant

    Lightweight, stretch-cotton flexibility for indoor climbing and summer cragging.
  71. Atlantis

    Women's Ascendor Light Short

    Lightweight climbing short for multi-pitch summer climbs.
  72. Haute Red

    Lowe Alpine Halcyon 35:40L Mountaineering pack

    Alpine mountaineering pack has everything you need for a day moving in the mountains.