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Our range of bivi bags will keep you protected when you're spending a night out under the stars, whether it's a planned excursion or an enforced shelter. Lightweight and emergency options available.

Shop the Rab® range of bivis, and why not couple it with with one of our famous insulated sleeping bags to ensure that your next night under the stars is a memorable one.

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  1. Danube

    Storm Bivi

    A light-weight single-person bivi, in a breathable 70D Hyperlite Storm fabric.
  2. Yellow

    Micro Bivi

    A truly minimalist design, ideal for the fast and light summit bid.
  3. Olive

    Survival Zone Lite

    An ultralight-weight sleeping bag cover for emergency protection.
  4. Olive

    Alpine Bivi

    A minimalist, single-person waterproof bivi for use on light-weight alpine expeditions.
  5. Olive

    Ascent Bivi

    A light-weight, single-person waterproof bivi.
  6. Olive
  7. Olive

    Ridge Raider

    Lightweight and waterproof designed for solo mountain use.
  8. Orange

    Ark Emergency Bivi

    An ideal lightweight bivi bag for emergency situations.
  9. Orange