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Sleeping Pads

Harnessing our decades of experience in insulation and innovative heat-reflective technology, we’ve created a range of lightweight, packable, comfortable sleeping mats as the perfect foundation to your sleep system, whether you’re hiking between alpine bivis or hunkering down in arctic environments.

Our new collection of inflatable sleeping mats is designed to insulate you from the chill and support you on all terrain, providing all the retreat you need from bitter conditions and plummeting temperatures. From compact, ultralight sleeping pads for fast and light missions, to robust self-inflating roll mats for regular camping use, to winter sleeping mats built to insulate you from the deep freeze. Packable warmth and comfort, so you can explore further.

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  1. Graphene

    Stratosphere Inflatable Pillow

    Compact inflatable pillow with Stratus™ insulation, a soft fabric cover, and two-way valve.
  2. Graphene

    Stratosphere 4 Sleeping Pad (24.5oz)

    Lightweight and compact all-mountain sleep pad with an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio.

  3. Graphene

    Stratosphere 5.5 Sleeping Pad (27.7oz)

    Highly insulating and compact all-mountain sleep pad with an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio.

  4. Zest

    Ionosphere 5 Sleeping Pad (19.4oz)

    Ultralight and packable sleep pad for fast and light adventures in tough conditions.

  5. Orion Blue

    Exosphere 3.5 Self Inflating Sleeping Pad (23.5oz)

    Self-inflating sleep pad with X-Core™ foam filling, ideal for comfort, durability, and ease of use.

  6. Firecracker

    Ionosphere 5.5 Sleeping Pad (24.3oz)

    Superior insulation in extreme temperatures and hostile conditions, for alpinists and mountaineers.