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Designed for hotter climates, the Rab® men's hiking shorts and climbing shorts range is designed to give you the ultimate in comfort, style and practicality. Whether you need dedicated durable climbing shorts to work your latest bouldering project or a quick-drying and lightweight pair of hiking shorts for weekend hikes or backpacking, the Rab® collection caters for you.

Our men's outdoor shorts are made from a variety of high-performing fabrics, selected specifically based on their intended use. The Crank Shorts, for example, are made specifically for climbing and bouldering: using lightweight stretch cotton to give maximum freedom of movement.

Men's Hiking Pants | Base layer Pants

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  1. Sulphur

    Momentum Shorts

    Light and robust with a quick dry time and full freedom of movement.
  2. Graphene

    Calient Shorts

    Water-resistant, quick drying, lightweight and packable.
  3. Ebony

    Stryker Shorts

    Lightweight climbing shorts deliver a jeans-style look you can rock all summer.
  4. Red Clay

    Zawn Shorts

    Mid-weight cotton-stretch shorts are tough, technical and built for climbing.
  5. Azure

    Talus Shorts

    Lightweight, high-stretch mountain running shorts.
  6. Red Clay

    Torque Light Shorts

    Quick-drying shorts, built to take the heat out of warm summer climbs.
  7. Anthracite

    Crank Shorts

    Lightweight stretch cotton pull-on shorts for hot summer rock climbs.
  8. Deep Ink

    Radius Shorts

    Mid-weight stretch climbing shorts.
  9. Anthracite

    Oblique Short

    Comfort, low weight and freedom of movement.
  10. Graphene

    Rival Shorts

    Ultra-versatile, built for everyday wear, active summer travel and self-sufficient days.