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Insulation is at the very core of what we do here at Rab®. Since our founder Rab Carrington started making down sleeping bags in Buenos Aires in the 1970s, we've been constantly developing and perfecting down sleeping bags.

Filled with the finest quality European RDS-certified duck and goose down, our insulated sleeping bags offer a fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio to keep you comfortable in the mountains. To this day, we hand-fill our down sleeping bags at in Derbyshire, UK. This allows us to know for certain that, by the time our bags reach our customers, they have never been compressed or stored in a way which could be harmful to the down inside. In this range you'll find cold weather sleeping bags, as well as extreme cold weather sleeping bags to tackle the harshest expedition conditions.

If you're looking for warmth but don't want down insulation, then check out our range of synthetic insulated sleeping bags.

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