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Fleece jackets have long been a staple of the outdoors fan and more serious mountaineer alike. Since the fleece jackets' conception in the 1970s, the fabrics and design have evolved significantly. Fleeces are traditionally classed as a mid-layer garment to be worn over a base layer shirt or breathable t-shirt and under your waterproof jacket as part of an outdoor layering system.

The men's fleece jackets, half-zip fleeces and hooded fleeces of today are advanced and are essential for a wide variety of mountain activities as well as being suitable for more casual use. Using a variety of technical fabrics, the men's range of Rab® fleece jackets and half-zip fleeces offer a combination of warmth, packability and protection in various weights. From the high-end technical fleeces through to more casually-styled jackets, all our mid-layers are suited to regular use in the outdoors. Rab® has long been a technical partner of Polartec® and their lightweight, premium fleece fabrics are used extensively in our current collection. In addition to Polartec® we have sourced an alternative range of fleece fabrics to increase the variety of garments available in our range.

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  1. Ascent Red/Oxblood Red

    Men's Banff Force Hoody

    This limited edition Banff Force Hoody features a unique perspective of Lake Louise.

  2. Firecracker

    Men's Conduit Hoody

    Lightweight, hooded fleece baselayer for cold conditions, built with recycled materials.
  3. Marmalade

    Men's Ascendor Hoody

    Warm, breathable fleece hoody with body mapped technology.
  4. Marmalade

    Men's Ascendor Light Hoody

    Lightweight, hooded fleece designed for climbing and alpinism made with recycled materials.
  5. Graphene

    Men's Ascendor Summit Hoody

    The ultimate fleece for winter climbers with body mapped technology and windproof overlays.
  6. Army

    Men's Graviton Hoody

    Stretch fleece hoody for year-round mountain adventures made with recycled fabric.
  7. Chlorite Green

    Men's Outpost Hoody

    Shearling style fleece hoody with protective, weather resistant shoulder and chest panels.
  8. Graphene

    Men's Graviton Jacket

    Stretch fleece jacket for year-round mountain adventures made with recycled fabric.
  9. Deep Ink

    Men's Outpost Jacket

    Shearling style fleece jacket with protective, weather resistant shoulder panels.
  10. Marmalade

    Men's Ascendor Light Pull-On

    Lightweight fleece midlayer designed for climbing and alpinism made with recycled materials.
  11. Orion Blue

    Men's Ascendor Pull-On

    Warm, breathable fleece midlayer with body mapped technology.
  12. Ink/Denim

    Men's Dihedral Hoody

    Stretchy, breathable, 92% recycled hoody with ⅓ zip, designed for climbing.
  13. Ascent Red/Oxblood Red

    Men's Force Hoody

    Lightweight, fast-drying, active hoody, ideal for covering up in sunny weather.
  14. Aspen Green

    Men's Nexus Full-Zip Stretch Fleece

    A lightweight, midlayer jacket made with stretch fleece for mobility and comfort.
  15. Deep Ink

    Men's Quest Fleece Hoody

    Classic, knit-look fleece, hooded jacket, made with recycled materials.
  16. Army

    Men's Quest Fleece Jacket

    Classic, knit-look fleece jacket with a full-length zip, made with recycled materials.
  17. Oxblood Red

    Men's Quest Fleece Pull-On

    Classic, knit-look fleece pullover now made with recycled materials.
  18. Deep Ink

    Men's Capacitor Hoody

    Warm, fast-wicking, mid-weight fleece with stretch side panels.
  19. Oxblood Red/Ascent Red

    Men's Geon Pull-On

    Ideal multi-application stretch fleece midlayer. Flexible, low-bulk winter insulation.
  20. Ink

    Men's Capacitor Pull-On

    All-mountain midlayer. Built to work seamlessly between a technical base layer and a weatherproof shell.
  21. Black/Steel Marl

    Men's Geon Jacket

    A true all-mountain fleece. Built as a breathable midlayer for high-energy cold-weather use.
  22. Steel

    Men's Nexus Jacket

    Lightweight midlayer jacket made with stretch fleece for mobility and comfort.
  23. Denim

    Men's Nexus Pull-On

    Lightweight technical stretch fleece midlayer for mobility and comfort.
  24. Orion Blue

    Men's Original Pile Jacket

    A reinvention of our classic Double Pile Jacket with the addition of a full windproof lining.
  25. Beluga

    Men's Geon Hoody

    Mid-weight stretch fleece offering easy low-bulk mountain insulation.
  26. Army

    Men's Superflux Hoody

    Versatile mid-weight technical fleece, perfectly suited to high-intensity mountain use.
  27. Deep Ink

    Men's Power Stretch Pro Jacket

    A mid-weight fleece hoody. Wear as standalone piece or as part of a layering system.
  28. Beluga

    Men's Power Stretch Pro Pull-On

    Wear as a heavyweight baselayer or insulating mid-layer, perfect for cooler conditions.
  29. Black
  30. Army

    Men's Alpha Flash Jacket

    Extremely packable, exceptionally breathable mid-layer with an impressive warmth to weight ratio.