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Synthetic insulation has come a long way over the years. What used to be the bulkier, heavier alternative to down insulation is now starting to blur that line. In the Rab® synthetic sleeping bag range, you'll find options that offer a great alternative to down, and which perform better in damp conditions than a traditional down sleeping bag.

Our synthetic sleeping bags such as the Solar range are filled with our packable and lightweight Stratus™ polyester insulation. Whether you're heading out backpacking or wild camping, you'll find something to suit in our range of < a href="">sleeping bags.

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  1. Tasman
    Coming Soon

    Women's Solar 2

    Lightweight and packable women's-fit synthetic sleeping bag.
  2. Atomic

    Rab Sleep Limit -9°C

    Solar 4

    Highly practical, quick-drying, for year-round camping adventures.
  3. Celestial

    Rab Sleep Limit -6°C

    Solar 3

    Packable , quick-drying, for all-night comfort in damp or unreliable conditions
  4. Celestial

    Rab Sleep Limit -6°C

    Women's Solar 3 Sleeping Bag

    Packable, quick-drying, for all-night comfort in damp or unreliable conditions
  5. Ink

    Rab Sleep Limit -1°C

    Solar 2

    Packable, quick-drying, for spring camping and cool summer bivvies.
  6. Sulphur

    Rab Sleep Limit 2°C

    Solar 1 Sleeping Bag

    Lightweight and packable synthetic summer bag.