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Rab® men's walking trousers & climbing pants cater for a variety of mountain sports, environments and conditions.

Whether you need a pair of down-filled trousers to protect you from extreme Himalayan weather or lightweight and breathable climbing pants for a summer weekend trip to Gogarth, or simply some waterproof trousers for a ramble in the Lake District our extensive range caters for all requirements. No matter the intended use, all Rab® climbing and walking trousers share the common characteristics of being constructed to the highest standard with the most sophisticated fabrics available, to proven and tested designs ensuring maximum security when you may need it most.

If you're looking for something for the warmer weather, why not check out the Rab® range of men's walking shorts.


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  1. Black

    Men's Latok GORE-TEX® Pro Bib

    GORE-TEX Pro waterproof bib pants engineered for extreme ascents.
  2. Black

    Men's Talus Windstopper Tights

    Windproof mountain running tights built for winter and cold weather.
  3. Cumin

    Men's Lochan Pants

    Multi-activity, durable outdoor pants built for adventures in colder temperatures.
  4. Black

    Men's Firewall Waterproof Pants

    Protective and versatile all-mountain waterproof pants.
  5. Orion Blue

    Men's Khroma Kinetic Waterproof Pants

    The softest hardshell ski touring pants with outstanding stretch and breathability.
  6. Black

    Men's Latok GORE-TEX® Pro Pants

    GORE-TEX Pro waterproof pants engineered for extreme ascents.
  7. Black

    Men's Zanskar GORE-TEX® Pants

    3-Layer GORE-TEX waterproof pants for winter mountain adventures.
  8. Black

    Men's Talus 3/4 Tights

    Durable and quick-wicking, ¾ length stretch, leggings built for mountain running.
  9. Black

    Men's Talus Tights

    Durable and quick wicking, ⅞ length, stretch leggings built for mountain running.
  10. Anise Green

    Men's Capstone Pants

    Stylish, lightweight stretch pants for any outdoor adventure.
  11. Black

    Men's Downpour Eco Waterproof Full Zip Pants

    Waterproof shell pants made with 100% recycled fabric and membrane with full length side zips.
  12. Cumin

    Men's Incline Light Pants

    The lightest of the Incline family. Breathable, stretchy outdoor pants for spring and summer.
  13. Army

    Men's Incline Pants

    Versatile, lightweight outdoor pants, ideal for hiking and hillwalking.
  14. Beluga

    Magma Light Pants

    A functional and lightweight active pant with reinforced panels in high wear areas.
  15. Green Dusk

    Men's Oblique Pants

    Lightweight and stretchy cotton canvas climbing pants.
  16. Cumin

    Men's Obtuse Pants

    Ultra-lightweight, pull-on, stretch pants for summer rock climbing.
  17. Ebony

    Phantom Waterproof Pants

    Ultimate mountain running stash-and-forget waterproof pants.
  18. Cumin

    Men's Venant Pants

    Workwear style, lightweight, stretch climbing pants.
  19. Ebony
    New Colours

    Men's Ascendor Alpine Softshell Pants

    Our definitive winter mountaineering pant for pushing your limits in winter alpine conditions.
  20. Deep Ink
    New Colours

    Men's Ascendor AS Climbing Softshell Pants

    All-season, mid-weight soft shell pants offering protection on mixed mountain and alpine terrain.
  21. Army

    Men's Capstone AS Softshell Pants

    All-season, stylish softshell pant for any outdoor adventure.
  22. Ebony

    Men's Incline AS Softshell Pants

    A versatile, all-season, stretch pant made with mid-weight softshell for all-mountain use.
  23. Black

    Men's Kangri GORE-TEX® Pants

    Sturdy 3-Layer GORE-TEX waterproof pants for total protection on mountain adventures.
  24. Deep Ink
    New Colours

    Men's Khroma Volition GORE-TEX® Pants

    Technical ski pants with 2-Layer GORE-TEX and synthetic insulation.
  25. Caramel

    Men's Radius AS Pants

    Durable and hardwearing, heavyweight stretch cotton canvas pant.
  26. Army

    Men's Torque Pant

    Flexible, slim-fit and uncompromising technical pant for warm climates.
  27. Ink

    Torque Mountain Pants

    Durable, lightweight do-it-all mountain pant for ultimate freedom of movement.
  28. Ink

    Men's Ascendor Light Pant

    Lightweight, technical climbing pant for cool comfort on multi-pitch routes.
  29. Black

    Photon Insulated Pant

    Synthetic insulated mountain pant for cold weather expeditions.
  30. Black
    New Colours

    Men's Kinetic Alpine 2.0 Waterproof Pant

    Breathable waterproof shell pant for light, fast alpine adventures.
  31. Beluga

    Men's Kinetic 2.0 Waterproof Pant

    Lightweight, stretchy and breathable pant for all-day protection.
  32. Black

    Men's Downpour Plus 2.0 Waterproof Pant

    Comfortable, packable waterproof shell legwear for hill walking and scrambling.
  33. Black

    Men's Downpour Eco Waterproof Pant

    Versatile waterproof shell pants made with 100% recycled fabric and membrane.
  34. Black

    Men's Power Stretch Pro Pant

    Light-weight fleeced pants designed for use as a base or mid-layer.
  35. Master Image

    Men's Flux Pant

    Invest in versatility with a warm baselayer pant that doubles as a lightweight legging.
  36. Black

    Men's Zenith GORE-TEX® Pant

    Light and comfortable yet loaded with top-spec features.
  37. Beluga

    Men's Incline Vapour-Rise™ Pant

    Midweight softshell with Vapour-Rise technology for warmth and dryness.
  38. Beluga

    Men's Torque Vapour-Rise™ Pant

    Moisture-wicking and high-stretch shell. Perfect for winter mountaineering.
  39. Cumin

    Men's Radius Pant

    A mid-weight stretch climbing pant for year round climbing in good weather.