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A good night’s sleep is imperative - whether you're waiting out a storm or spending a night under the stars, our camping shelters and storm shelters offer essential protection from the elements. Lightweight and emergency options available.

Shop the Rab® range of bivi bags and camping tarps and couple them up with one of our famous insulated sleeping bags to ensure that your next night under the stars is a memorable one.

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  1. Horizon

    Siltarp 1

    Lightweight and versatile, rectangular one-person shelter.
  2. Olive

    Siltarp 2

    Lightweight and versatile rectangular shelter for two to three people.
  3. Horizon

    Siltarp 3

    Lightweight and versatile rectangular shelter for three to five people.
  4. Variant Image

    SilTarp Plus Duo

    Lightweight and versatile square shelter for two to four people with a variety of setup options. Includes pegs and guy lines.
  5. Olive

    SilTarp Plus Shelter

    Lightweight, three-dimensional shelter for up to three people. Includes pegs and guy lines.
  6. Horizon

    SilTarp Plus Solo

    Lightweight and versatile rectangular shelter for one person with a variety of setup options. Includes pegs and guy lines.
  7. Ascent Red

    Storm Bivi

    A lightweight, breathable, and waterproof bivi with taped seams, zipped entry and space to accommodate large sleeping bags.
  8. Ascent Red

    Trailhead Bivi

    A lightweight, packable, and breathable bivi made with waterproof fabric and taped seams.
  9. Olive

    Alpine Bivi

    Stripped back, ultra-light bivi for fast, footloose alpinism.
  10. Horizon

    Ridge Raider Bivi

    Practical freestanding bivi for flexible backpacking and bikepacking tours.
  11. Horizon

    Latok Summit Tent

    Summit push expedition tent for steep, hostile peaks.
  12. Horizon

    Latok Mountain Tent

    Multi-night, two-person tent for high-mountain and polar use.
  13. Black
  14. Dark Shark

    Latok Mountain 2 Vestibule

    Additional gear storage and cooking space for the Latok Mountain 2 bivi.
  15. Orange

    Ark Emergency Bivi

    An ideal lightweight bivi bag for emergency situations.
  16. Orange
  17. Orange
  18. Orange

    2 Person Group Shelter

    An emergency shelter for 1-2 people.
  19. Orange
  20. Orange

    2 Person Superlite Shelter

    An ultralight 2 person emergency shelter, designed for use on fast-and-light mountaineering trips.
  21. Orange