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Whether you're heading for the mountains, or simply looking for something comfortable to wear day-to-day, the full range of Rab® tops for men has something for everyone.

From fleece jackets and half zips, to cosy Rab® hoodies and sweatshirts, comfort is key to our extensive range of midlayers. Why not combine your midlayer with our range of casual shirts and breathable Rab® t-shirts that are ideal for day-to-day use from town to trail.

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  1. Beluga

    Escape Crew

    A mid-weight crew neck with a textured rib fleece fabric.
  2. Steel

    Geon Pull On

    Ideal multi-application stretch fleece midlayer. Flexible, low-bulk winter insulation.
  3. Beluga

    Capacitor Hoody

    Warm, fast-wicking, mid-weight fleece with stretch side panels.
  4. Oxblood Red

    Superflux Hoody

    Versatile mid-weight technical fleece, perfectly suited to high-intensity mountain use.
  5. Dark Horizon

    Nexus Jacket

    Lightweight midlayer jacket made with stretch fleece for mobility and comfort.
  6. Pine/Silverpine

    Geon Hoody

    Mid-weight stretch fleece offering easy low-bulk mountain insulation.
  7. Oxblood Red

    Outpost Jacket

    Retro-inspired true cold-weather midlayer wth shearling-style fleece.
  8. Deep Ink

    Filament Hoody

    Lightweight, fast-wicking fleece midlayer for steep alpine ascents and Big Mountain adventure.
  9. Ascent Red

    Capacitor Pull On

    All-mountain midlayer. Built to work seamlessly between a technical base layer and a weatherproof shell.
  10. Pine

    Geon Jacket

    A true all-mountain fleece. Built as a breathable midlayer for high-energy cold-weather use.
  11. Ink

    Pulse Hoody

    A versatile technical baselayer. Lightweight and fast drying.
  12. Ebony

    Pulse LS Zip

    Lightweight and fast drying versatile technical base layer.
  13. Cayenne

    Force LS Tee

    A next-to-skin technical long sleeve tee, designed for comfort and freshness.
  14. Firecracker

    Sonic LS Tee

    Move fast, run light and stay cool with this technical long-sleeve Tee.
  15. Acid

    Sonic SS Zip

    Use as a fast-wicking first layer or a technical standalone mountain running top.
  16. Azure

    Sonic Tank

    Low weight, ventilated comfort and dynamic cut.
  17. Ink

    Force SS Tee

    A next-to-skin technical short sleeve tee, designed for comfort and freshness.
  18. Beluga

    Power Stretch Pro Jacket

    A mid-weight fleece hoody. Wear as standalone piece or as part of a layering system.
  19. Ink

    Pulse SS Tee

    A versatile technical tee. Lightweight and fast drying.
  20. Steel

    Nexus Pull-On

    Lightweight technical stretch fleece midlayer for mobility and comfort.
  21. Ink

    Alpha Flux Jacket

    Lightly insulated stretch fleece and highly breathable.
  22. Firecracker

    Shadow Hoody

    Technical softshell fleece with high levels of wind and weather resistance.
  23. Beluga

    Alpha Flash Jacket

    Extremely packable, exceptionally breathable mid-layer with an impressive warmth to weight ratio.
  24. Ebony

    Paradox Light Pull-On

    Lightweight, extremely breathable and highly packable mountain pullover.
  25. Deep Ink

    Journey Pull-On

    Casual and comfortable cotton-rich hoody.
  26. Army

    Original Pile Jacket

    A reinvention of our classic Double Pile Jacket with the addition of a full windproof lining.
  27. Grey Marl

    Journey Zip Hoody

    Cotton- rich, comfortable and warm hoody featuring a retro Rab logo.
  28. Enigma Hoody

    Enigma Hoody

    Mid-weight, high-stretch. An ideal layering piece for cool weather climbs, indoor training and staying warm at the crag.
  29. Heron

    Circuit Hoody

    Eco-friendly organic cotton. Supreme warmth and comfort.
  30. Wren

    Quest Pull-on

    Classic midweight fleece pullover that offers warmth and comfort.
  31. Anthracite

    Explorer Jacket

    A versatile layer. Tough, comfortable and warm mid-weight fleece.
  32. Deep Ink

    Stance Mountain SS Tee

    Soft and durable, comes with a Rab logo chest print and premium organic cotton construction.
  33. Heron

    Stance Sketch SS Tee

    Soft and durable organic cotton with a Rab sketch logo print and sleeve label.
  34. Beluga

    Stance Logo SS Tee

    A comfortable organic cotton short sleeve t-shirt with the classic Rab logo print.
  35. Deep Ink

    Stance 3 Peaks SS Tee

    Comfortable organic cotton tee, with a Rab vintage print.
  36. Red Clay

    Stance Monument SS Tee

    Combed, ring-spun organic cotton construction with a retro Rab graphic.
  37. Army

    Stance Vintage LS Tee

    A comfortable long sleeve organic cotton t-shirt with a vintage Rab logo print.
  38. Purple Quartz

    Stance Hex SS Tee

    100% organic cotton round-neck T-shirt.
  39. Ink

    Forge SS Tee

    A lightweight baselayer long sleeve tee optimised for wicking, warmth and temperature regulation.
  40. Beluga

    Forge LS Tee

    A lightweight baselayer long sleeve tee optimised for wicking, warmth and temperature regulation.
  41. Army

    Stance Vintage SS Tee

    A comfortable organic cotton short sleeve t-shirt with Vintage Rab logo print.
  42. Beluga

    Power Stretch Pro Pull-On

    Wear as a heavyweight baselayer or insulating mid-layer, perfect for cooler conditions.
  43. Deep Ink

    Nucleus Pull-on

    Mid-weight fleece with stretch, offering all round insulation.
  44. Grey Marl

    Stance Sunrise SS Tee

    A comfortable short sleeve organic cotton t-shirt with a vintage Rab logo print.
  45. Flux Pull On

    Flux Pull On

    Easy-pack pull-on. Practical both as a midweight baselayer and a lightweight fleece.
  46. Deep Ink

    Filament Pull On

    A fast-wicking technical midlayer that is purpose-built for active mountain use.