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The Rab® range of men's outdoor t-shirts and shirts is crafted to provide you with the perfect balance between everyday use and activewear. Our technical tees are available in long sleeve and short sleeve and are made from lightweight, quick-drying fabrics, meaning they're ideal for more strenuous activities.

The shirts in our range cover the full spectrum of comfort, durability and style that wouldn't be out of place in the town or on the trail. Technical t-shirt options include the Pulse and Force, which not only look good but offer performance during warmer months, for more tees like these why not check out our range of merino wool base layers. The ever-popular graphic print t-shirts are made with the highest quality organic cotton and provide a more casual choice with a variety of striking designs.

During colder months, why not pair your t-shirt with one of our Rab® hoodies or sweatshirts?

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  1. Oxblood Red

    Mantle Tee

    Technical climbing tee with a casual cut.
  2. Firecracker Marl

    Mantle Tessalate Tee

    Lightweight, quick-drying technical tee for summer climbs.
  3. Ebony

    Mello SS Shirt

    Lightweight, multipurpose casual shirt for town, trail and crag.
  4. Ultramarine

    Mello LS Shirt

    Stretchy, lightweight long-sleeved shirt for summer hiking and cragging.
  5. Grey Marl

    Stance Tessalate Tee

    Soft, everyday tee made from organic cotton.
  6. Beluga
    New Colours

    Stance Vintage SS Tee

    A comfortable organic cotton short sleeve t-shirt with Vintage Rab logo print.
  7. Sulphur
    New Colours

    Stance Sketch SS Tee

    Soft and durable organic cotton with a Rab sketch logo print and sleeve label.
  8. Deep Ink

    Stance 3 Peaks SS Tee

    Comfortable organic cotton tee, with a Rab vintage print.
  9. Firecracker
    New Colours

    Force SS Tee

    A next-to-skin technical short sleeve tee, designed for comfort and freshness.
  10. Deep Ink

    Stance Mountain SS Tee

    Soft and durable, comes with a Rab logo chest print and premium organic cotton construction.
  11. Beluga
    New Colours

    Stance Logo SS Tee

    A comfortable organic cotton short sleeve t-shirt with the classic Rab logo print.
  12. Purple Quartz

    Stance Hex SS Tee

    100% organic cotton round-neck T-shirt.
  13. Grey Marl

    Stance Sunrise SS Tee

    A comfortable short sleeve organic cotton t-shirt with a vintage Rab logo print.
  14. Army

    Stance Vintage LS Tee

    A comfortable long sleeve organic cotton t-shirt with a vintage Rab logo print.
  15. Ink

    Pulse SS Tee

    A versatile technical tee. Lightweight and fast drying.