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When you're on a multi-day expedition and pushing yourself to the limit, a good night’s sleep is imperative. Our range of specialist mountain tents are lightweight and easy to transport, yet highly protective to shelter you from the elements.

Shop the Rab® range of mountain tents, and why not couple it with with one of our famous insulated sleeping bags to ensure that your next night under the stars is a memorable one.

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  1. Signal Orange

    Latok Mountain 2

    899,95 €
  2. Signal Orange

    Latok Mountain 3

    Das Latok Mountain 3 ist ein wasserdichtes Biwakzelt für 2-3 Personen. Es eignet sich ideal für mehrere Übernachtungen im Basislager oder weit oben am B...erg und an den Polen.
    929,95 €
  3. Signal Orange

    Latok Summit

    699,95 €
  4. Dark Shark

    Latok Mountain 2 Vorzelt

    Der Latok Mountain Windfang bietet in Verbindung mit dem Latok Mountain 2 Biwakzelt zusätzlichen Platz für Ausrüstung oder zum Kochen.
    229,95 €
  5. Orange
  6. Orange
  7. Orange

    2 Personen Group Shelter Notzelt

    An emergency shelter for 1-2 people.
    49,95 €
  8. Orange
  9. Orange

    Superlite 2 Personen Notzelt

    An ultralight 2 person emergency shelter, designed for use on fast-and-light mountaineering trips.
    89,95 €