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Field repair kit

Field repair kit

Field Repair Kit Essentials

If you need to make light repairs in the field, you're going to need the equipment to do it with. Everyone's going to have different things they want to take with them, and obviously for longer and shorter trips what you'll take will vary. But here are a few of the items we'd recommend taking:

  • Nylon cord is great for making those quick repairs, reconnecting webbing and new shoelaces.
  • Seam sealer will help keep your gear water repellent if used in the right way.
  • Repair tape or patches are great to repair tears and snags in your gear. They can make your jackets, trousers, bags and tents last until you get back.
  • For a permanent solution, sewing needle and thread is a must-have for the kit that just won't take a patch because it's too wet or too dirty. We've got a great video for that on the service center page of our website.
  • A quick attached buckle is something you won't need until you really need one. They're light, small and really versatile.
  • A small amount of duct tape is a lifesaver. There's probably nothing that this won't repair, but contrary to popular belief it's only ever a temporary fix.
  • When repairing jackets, try to use a repair patch that leaves less residue and can be easily removed when fixing it properly down the line.

Remember almost all of these repairs will be temporary and you'll want to make a permanent fix when you get back home. Don't wait until the next time you go, you'll almost certainly forget or it'll be too late.

If you need help with your repairs, the service center is always here to help keep your garments going for as long as possible.

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