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No outdoor wardrobe is complete without the addition of an outdoor hoodie. Rab® hoodies are designed for a wide range of uses. Whether you're looking for an alternative to a fleece jacket or something to chill in after a day of climbing, you'll find something in our men's outdoor hoody range.

We offer technical garments that can act as a versatile mid-layer, such as the Superflux Hoody, through to more casual men's hoodies that are designed to give a comfortable and relaxed look. Our men's hoodies and sweaters are of mid or lightweight construction and are made from a variety of tested and trusted fabrics; and depending on the hoody, may feature a full or half zip.

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  1. Deep Ink

    Men's Voyage Hoody

    Casual and comfortable cotton-rich hoody.
  2. Deep Ink

    Men's Voyage Zip Hoody

    Casual and comfortable cotton-rich, full-zip hoody.
  3. Heron

    Men's Circuit Organic Cotton Hoody

    Eco-friendly organic cotton. Supreme warmth and comfort.
  4. Wren

    Men's Quest Pull-On

    Classic midweight fleece pullover that offers warmth and comfort.
  5. Beluga

    Men's Power Stretch Pro Jacket

    A mid-weight fleece hoody. Wear as standalone piece or as part of a layering system.
  6. Grey Marl

    Men's Journey Zip Cotton Hoody

    Cotton- rich, comfortable and warm hoody featuring a retro Rab logo.