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Functional layering systems are as much about the little details as they are about the bigger picture. Our headwear range offers warmth and protection for a variety of conditions, and can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining comfort in the hills. Technical fabrics complement tailored fits, whether you need a stand alone wind stopper or an under helmet beanie, our range covers all eventualities.

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  1. Black

    Shadow Beanie

    A wind resistant stretch beanie with ear protection.
  2. Deep Ink

    Rab® Logo Beanie

    A light-weight, knitted beanie with an internal fleece headband.
  3. Ink

    Elevation Beanie

    Made from natural-feel yarn and lined with soft fleece for extra warmth and comfort.
  4. Ink

    Women's Braid Beanie

    Chunky-knit bobble hat that keeps the heat in and the cold out.
  5. Ebony

    Rab Tube

    Back by popular demand. Designed to offer both head and neck protection.
  6. Navy

    Base Cap

    Baseball style cap with a curved peak.
  7. Black Fuel

    Freight Cap

    Trucker style cap with a retro Rab® logo badge.
  8. Moss Green Geo

    Forest Cap

    Premium five-panel cap with flat peak and leather Rab badge.
  9. Celestial

    Trail Cap

    Packable technical cap with flat peak, designed for active outdoor use.
  10. Ebony

    Rab Knitted logo Headband

    A fleece lined headband for year round use.
  11. Anthracite

    Rock Bobble Hat

    A traditionally styled bobble hat.
  12. Deep Ink

    Essential Beanie

    A classic military-style knitted hat with a retro feel.
  13. Black
  14. Black

    Power Stretch Pro Balaclava

    A warm, light-weight stretch fleece balaclava.
  15. Black
  16. Black

    Ninja Balaclava

    A light-weight, breathable and high stretch fleece balaclava.
  17. Deep Ink

    Deep Trawler Beanie

    A warm wide-knit woollen hat.
  18. Deep Ink

    Essential Bobble

    A classic military-style knitted bobble hat with a retro feel.
  19. Deep Ink

    Knockout Beanie

    Soft, warm and packable.
  20. Red Clay

    Merino Beanie

    Extremely lightweight yet warm. A winter essential.
  21. Deep Ink

    Filament Neck Tube

    Warm, highly versatile, lightweight fleece neck tube
  22. Heather

    Filament Beanie

    Advanced, featherlight, close-fitting fleece hat.
  23. Chilli Beanie

    Chilli Beanie

    Nordic-style chunky-knit hat.
  24. Bright Arctic

    Pinto Beanie

    A casual everyday hat with a stylish basket weave texture.