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Introducing the Rab service centre

Introducing the Rab service centre

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Rab have been offering after-care services for our gear since the 1980s. It started with our founder, Rab Carrington. He was one for honest, hardwearing kit, that would be reliable in the world’s most extreme conditions.  

Today you’ll still find some of the original people who worked with Rab at the core of the Rab Service Centre. Since the early days, we’ve been growing and refining what we offer to ensure that we keep pace with our ever-expanding range of mountain products.  

With the launch of Rab Service Centre Online, we have all of your after-care needs covered. From a comprehensive Warranty Promise, which commits to bring you longer lasting and more rewarding experiences from your Rab and Lowe Alpine gear, to an easily accessible Repair and Wash service. Need a spare part for a home or field repair? We’ve got you covered. An even more sustainable repair option are also available through the Second Stitch scheme. And a rental program that gives you access to high quality gear when you need it at a fair price. 

Rab makes gear you’d rather repair than replace, and with our Service Centre on hand to keep it in action, this kit is built for a lifetime at the sharp end. Now that might sound like a bad business model, but our mountain playground matters to us and we know it matters to you. This way, all of our adventures have a lower carbon footprint, giving gear a second chance and keeping valuable resources out of landfill. 

No matter how many times we have fixed it before, how weather-beaten or old it is, our team will do whatever they can to restore your kit for the next adventure. 

Of course, all products come to the end of their natural life at some point and when an item needs to be retired from the field, we have a number of options. Either upcycle it for a second use, repair it and donate it to one of our charity partners, or strip it for spare parts to give other garments a new lease of life. The little fabric waste that is left we recycle and donate to support other good causes too.

So, before you look at throwing that old gear away, please consider sending it back to us for a wash and repair. 

In 2021 our UK Service Centre completed 17520 washes and repairs. That’s thousands more adventures and zero waste to landfill. 

As a Climate Neutral Company committed to reaching Net Zero Emissions by 2030, our Service Centre’s contribution is extremely valuable. Not only for achieving our goals, but for helping you achieve yours with a lower environmental impact. 

For 2022 we have launched our EU, USA and Canada Service Centres making a Service Centre for your gear more accessible than ever before. 

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