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From a swift half-day to a strenuous thru-hike, Lowe Alpine hiking backpacks deliver ultimate fit, comfort and load support, however many miles you need to cover.

Whether you want a lightweight day pack, women’s fit or a ventilated backpack, these hiking backpacks are built to carry your load with the utmost efficiency. Lightweight, technical and versatile, Lowe Alpine hiking backpacks come with a choice of carry systems: AirZone for pioneering ventilation, comfort and breathability; the Altus Air Contour+ for premium stability and load support; and Aeon multi-activity packs with ultra-light, micro-stretch Flexion technology.

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  1. Volume 51-70 litres
  2. Features Water bottle stash
  1. Volume 51-70 litres
  2. Features Water bottle stash

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  1. Escape Trek ND50:60 S M

    Escape Trek ND50:60 S M

    50+10 litre womens backpacking pack has the carry system and the feature set for serious long-haul adventure.
  2. Blueprint

    Manaslu ND50:65

    A lighter, lower volume womens backpacking and trekking pack you can rely on to carry your gear securely and comfortably across changeable terrain.
  3.  Moss / Dark Olive

    Diran 55:65

    A comfortable and stable carry, made for bold and adventurous trips. 55 +10 litres.
  4. Blueprint

    Diran ND50:60

    Comfortbale and stable 50+10 litre women’s trekking backpack.

  5. Anthracite

    Diran 45:55

    A comfortable and stable carry. Ideal for backpacking weekends, short camping trips and overnight travel.