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Applying decades of insulation experience to our range of vests has allowed us to create versatile men's down gilets and synthetic gilets to help take the chill off during colder days. A body warmer is ideal for throwing on over a base layer top when you're feeling a little cold, or used as an insulating mid-layer under your waterproof instead of using a down jacket or fleece jacket.

Gilets are a popular year-round choice for anybody who enjoys the outdoors. All the down used in Rab® down gilets is RDS certified. This means that the duck or goose down is ethically sourced and not farmed from anywhere keeping animals in cruel conditions. For more information, head to our down insulation guide.

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  1. Microlight Vest
    New Arrival

    Microlight Vest

    230,00 $CA

    Besoin d’une veste légère et isolante en duvet pour pratiquer toutes sortes d’activités ? Avec son duvet recyclé et sa structure compartimentée... adaptée aux zones du corps, notre veste Microlight sans manches offre de bons niveaux de chaleur tout en légèreté sans entraver les mouvements.

  2. Steel

    Cirrus Flex Vest

    175,00 $CA

    Grâce à son isolation sans plumes et ses panneaux en polaire extensibles Thermic™, notre veste Cirrus Flex apporte de bons niveaux de chaleur à vot...re corps, tout en gardant une excellente respirabilité et en offrant une grande liberté de mouvement.