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At Rab®, we make some of the best sleeping bags for the most extreme conditions. If you've invested in a sleeping bag, then it makes sense that you would want to prolong its life, which is why our range of sleeping bag liners are the perfect choice.

Sleeping bag liners slip inside your sleeping bag to protect the inside of the bag. If you use your sleeping bag regularly, a good quality liner will mean that the sleeping bag needs to be cleaned far less, and instead, you can simply clean the liner. This is especially useful for down sleeping bags, as if a down bag isn't cleaned properly it can cause issues with the insulation inside.

We have silk sleeping bag liners and cotton sleeping bag liners available to choose from. Not only will these liners help to protect the inside of your bag, but they'll also add an extra degree or two of warmth in colder conditions.

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    Silk Standard Sleeping Bag Liner

    Standard liner, designed to add comfort and protect your bag.
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  5. Ebony

    Thermic Expedition Sleeping Bag Liner

    Extra thermal protection.