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Counterfeit Information

Counterfeit Information

Rab and Lowe Alpine equipment is in high demand. Sadly, our reputation for high-quality technical kit attracts those who are looking to profit from criminal activity. We’re seeing more and more fake websites and counterfeit products appear online.

We’re taking this very seriously and working to prevent illegal, fraudulent sales being made. We seek to take down any websites, adverts, links or sales that we believe to be counterfeit. is the official Rab and Lowe Alpine website

Please take care when ordering online, and only use our website or stockists you know are legitimate. A list of our stockists can be found here. We also have a factory outlet near our head office in Derbyshire that sells in-store only. 

If you come across a fraudulent website or advert, please let us know.

Contact us before buying from a site if you think it might be counterfeit.

Our team can advise you whether this site is a legitimate stockist or not.

What to look for

  • Check the URL starts with HTTPS:// and carries the small padlock symbol 
  • If the prices are too low to be true, it’s probably fake.
  • Find their contact details; most fake sites won’t have a Return Postage Address, Phone Number or VAT number 

If you suspect a site is fake, please let us know.

eBay and Amazon

We cannot guarantee the authenticity of products being sold on eBay or other auction-based sites. Our recommendation is not to use these platforms to purchase Rab or Lowe Alpine equipment. 

Some of our retailers do choose to sell on Amazon. Please check the seller of the item you’re looking to purchase, before paying, to ensure you’re buying from an authorised stockist. 

What to do if you’ve bought a counterfeit product

If you think you’ve bought a counterfeit product, you may be able to seek a refund from your bank or debit/credit card provider as a victim of fraud. If you need our support in this process, please contact us here. We’ll need to know the website URL you purchased from, and please send us photos of any paperwork and product received.

Please note we will not be able to reimburse any money used to purchase items from counterfeiters.