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Zip care and repair

Zip care and repair

Zips are a pretty great invention until they stop working. They can be pretty frustrating to fix, so here are some top tips on caring, repairing, and maintaining your zippers:

  • Regular garment cleaning will prolong the life of your zipper. It prevents dirt building up in the zipper teeth, leading to premature wear.
  • When cleaning your garment, be sure to pay attention to all of the different parts of the zipper, including the teeth, sliders, both double and single zip ends, and top stops.
  • Remember to fully insert the zip pin into the slider at the bottom prior to inserting the other zip pin.
    If a zipper becomes jammed, don't just force it open. This can make a minor problem into a terminal failure.
  • If the zipper catches on something, check the reverse side of the zipper slider and try to remove any offending object. Don't just yank on the zipper.
  • Try to keep things that might snag out of the fabric, including things like hair. And don't overfill pockets, as they put additional pressure on the zippers and there's a greater risk of snagging

If your zipper slider needs replacing, we can do that at our service center. Here's how:

  • Remove the top stop on a coil zip or the top tooth on a vislon zip.
  • Remove the damaged slider or sliders from the top of the zip and slide the new slider on from the same place. Be sure to get the sliders the right way around.
  • Check that the new slider is working and apply a new top stop to the top of the zip

If you've got any questions, reach out to our team through the help link on our website. And remember, the Service Centre is always here to help keep your gear going for as long as possible.

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