As the temperature drops and the gradient steepens our newest arrivals are designed to withstand the most challenging winter conditions.

Through the expertise of our UK-based design team and through their close collaboration, research and development with our dedicated team of international athletes, we are excited to reveal the latest innovations in product technology.

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Elevation Beanie Ink

Elevation Beanie

A staple for any hiker, climber or mountaineer, our Elevation Beanie makes a cosy and colourful addition to any winter adventure.

Sharp Edge Pants Dijon

Sharp Edge Pants

Created for the ski-mountaineer, our Sharp Edge Pants will take you through the mountains hut to hut as you pursue the perfect line.

Blizzard Mitt Black

Blizzard Mitt

Our Blizzard Mitt is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, providing waterproofing, insulation and grip, when it matters most.

Continuum Jacket Deep Ink

Continuum Jacket

Super lightweight and packable the Continuum Jacket is recognised amongst alpinists as the down jacket for fast and light ascents.

Windbloc Glove Black

Windbloc Glove

Windproof, warm and dexterous our Windbloc Gloves are an essential on chilly winter walk-ins and classic summer alpine routes.

Hut Slipper

Hut Slipper

Retreating to the refuge after a long day in the mountains our Hut Slippers are a welcome break for tired feet.

Axion Jacket Evergreen

Axion Jacket

Whether you're exploring snow topped hills or making the most of a cold day on the rock, our Axion is your hardwearing down jacket.

Power Stretch Pro Pull-On Deep Ink

Power Stretch Pro Pull-On

Worn as either a heavyweight baselayer or insulating mid-layer, our Power Stretch Pull-On is perfect for cooler conditions.

Latok Bib Black

Latok Bib

Our Latok Bib are the ultimate waterproof pants for prolonged action in bad weather or deep snow.

Knockout Beanie Ebony

Knockout Beanie

Soft, warm and packable the Knockout Beanie is a practical piece of kit you won't want to be without.

Baltoro Glove Black

Baltoro Glove

Popular amongst alpinists for their impressive handling in cold, dry conditions, the Baltoro are mid-weight softshell gloves with reinforced leather palms.

Vendetta Glove Black

Vendetta Glove

Our Vendetta is a flexible, waterproof alpine climbing glove that responds well to the more technical demands of mountaineering.

Vapour-rise® Guide Pants

Vapour-rise® Guide Pants

Our Vapour-rise™ Guide Pants are your classic softshell pants for when the temperatures drop and the gradient steepens.

Ridge Glove Beluga

Ridge Glove

Offering warmth and protection in equal measure, our Ridge Gloves have a smartphone compatible finger and thumb making them both dexterous and practical.

Kinder Smock Rust

Kinder Smock

Paying homage to the much loved original, our classic Kinder Smock is back.

Infinity G Jacket Dark Horizon

Infinity G Jacket

Created for the alpinist our Infinity G is a specialist down jacket - lightweight, packable and exceptionally warm, it excels at high altitudes and low temperatures.

Alpha Flash Jacket Beluga

Alpha Flash Jacket

Inspired by the latest innovations in fabric technology the Alpha Flash radically reinvents the traditional mid-layer.

Womens Braid Beanie Ink

Women's Braid Beanie

Our Braid Beanie is a chunky-knit bobble hat that keeps the heat in and the cold out - perfect for those chilly crag days.

Microlight Alpine Long Jacket Black

Microlight Alpine Long Jacket

A longer version of our classic Microlight Alpine this lightweight down jacket is the perfect companion for any adventure.

Guide Glove Short Kangaroo

Guide Glove Short

Our Guide Glove Short is a short-cuff, waterproof glove that is highly durable yet sensitive enough for rope handling in the extreme cold.

Photon X Jacket Rococco

Photon X Jacket

Durable and exceptionally warm, our Photon X is your definitive Scottish winter belay jacket.

Windbloc Convertible Mitt Black

Windbloc Convertible Mitt

Whether you're traversing an airy arete in high winds or exploring hills closer to home, our Windbloc Convertible Mitt is the ultimate go-to in blustery conditions.

Hut Boot

Hut Boot

Perfect for treading the floorboards of chilly alpine huts our Hut Boots are a much needed relief for tired feet.

Batura Jacket Horizon

Batura Jacket

From the rugged ranges of Alaska to the vast expanses of Antarctica, the Batura Jacket is designed for expedition use in high altitude and polar environments.

Superflux Hoody Steel

Superflux Hoody

Whether you're scaling mountains or exploring hills closer to home our Superflux Hoody is a versatile mid-layer designed for active use.

Sharp Edge Jacket Deep Ink

Sharp Edge Jacket

The ideal partner for ski mountaineering, the Sharp Edge is designed for technical climbs and nail biting descents.

Silkwarm Glove Black

Silkwarm Glove

Low bulk and lightweight our Silkwarm Liners give you that extra layer of thermal protection under gloves.

Alpine Glove Black

Alpine Glove

The Alpine Glove is a midweight glove that combines a windproof, weather-resistant outer with a high-grip leather palm to ensure optimum dexterity during technical climbs.

Velocity Glove Black

Velocity Glove

Durable and highly dexterous our Velocity glove provides protection without adding significant weight or bulk, making it perfectly suited to spring ski mountaineering.

Flux Liner Glove Beluga

Flux Liner Glove

Lightweight, stretchy and warm our Flux Liner glove can be teamed up with an outer glove in severe weather or used as a standalone in milder conditions.

Refuge Parka Army

Refuge Parka

Wrap up for winter with our Refuge Parka - a warm, waterproof jacket that will keep you looking and feeling snug throughout the colder months.

Sidekick Hoody Black

Sidekick Hoody

From chilly hikes to pub lunches our Sidekick Hoody will slot seamlessly into your life.

Latok Jacket Horizon

Latok Jacket

The ultimate waterproof for the mountains, our Latok Jacket provides essential protection as you battle the elements.

Deep Trawler Beanie Grey

Deep Trawler Beanie

Our Deep Trawler Beanie is a warm wide-knit woollen hat, perfect for cold days on the rock and crisp nights around the campfire.

Slider Belt Slate

Slider Belt

The Slider Belt is an easily-adjustable woven belt with a secure clasp buckle for comfort and assurance.

Vengeance Glove Black

Vengeance Glove

The Vengeance Glove features a durable outer shell, waterproof insert, malleable leather palm and insulation, providing warmth and protection to the alpine climber.

Vapour-Rise Guide Jacket Dark Shark

Vapour-rise® Guide Jacket

Face the challenges of Scottish winter with our updated Vapour-rise Guide Jacket, your classic winter-weight softshell.

Treeline Glove Tan

Treeline Glove

Inspired by powder days in the backcountry our Treeline Gloves are fully waterproof, durable and dexterous.

Border Shirt Autumn Red


Border Shirt

Casual and comfortable our Border Shirt will be as at home on the hill as it is in the pub enjoying a post-hike pint.

Valiance Jacket

Valiance Jacket

The ultimate warm and waterproof down jacket. However wild the weather gets, our Valiance Jacket is welcome sanctuary from the storm.

Vantage Pants Black

Vantage Pants

Our Vantage Pants are a protective winter-weight softshell created for those committed to climbing in cold conditions.


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