Our men’s waterproof jackets are designed to keep the very worst weather at bay. From the early days Rab Carrington was a proponent of new technologies and constantly searching for new fabrics to make gear lightweight and packable, yet functional for mountain environments.

We continue this careful research and innovation to this day, crafting breathable waterproof shell jackets that keep the rain out while allowing perspiration to escape. Staying comfortable whilst on the move in damp conditions can be tricky, therefore our waterproof jackets combine the best technologies (including eVent®, Pertex Shield® and Proflex™), construction techniques and style to ensure performance is maintained even in the most adverse winter conditions. From the iconic and robust men’s Latok to the ultra lightweight, yet fully featured Flashpoint, we tailor our waterproof shells to ensure there is a jacket to suit every situation.

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  1. Kinetic Alpine Jacket

    Kinetic Alpine Jacket

    A breakthrough in technology, the Kinetic Alpine Jacket will change the way you dress for the mountains. This fully waterproof, highly breathable and stretchy jacket is a radical re-approach to protective yet comfortable clothing systems.

  2. Kinetic Alpine Pants

    Kinetic Alpine Pants

    Forget everything you think you know - the Kinetic Alpine Pants will change the way you dress for the mountains. Fully waterproof, highly breathable and stretchy, this is a radical re-approach to protective yet comfortable clothing systems.

  3. Flashpoint 2 Jacket

    Flashpoint 2 Jacket

    The Flashpoint 2 Jacket is a super lightweight waterproof jacket, offering protection from the elements when the weather is changeable and weight is at a premium.
  4. Flashpoint Pants

    Flashpoint Pants

    Weighing in at just 90g, our Flashpoint Pants are a robust three-layer fully waterproof trouser offering much-needed reassurance and protection when weight is at a premium.

  5. Kinetic Plus Jacket

    Kinetic Plus Jacket

    The Men's Kinetic Plus Jacket is a lightweight, waterproof, stretch softshell with high levels of breathability, the ideal outer layering piece for a range of mountain activities.
  6. Flashpoint Pull-On

    Flashpoint Pull-On

    The Flashpoint Pull-On is a super lightweight waterproof pull-on, offering protection from the elements when the weather is changeable and weight is at a premium.
  7. Muztag DV Jacket

    Muztag DV Jacket

    Lightweight, waterproof, and exceptionally breathable, the Muztag DV Jacket is designed for climbers in harsh alpine environments and Scottish winter conditions.
  8. Latok DV Jacket

    Latok DV Jacket

    The ultimate waterproof for the mountains, our Latok Jacket provides essential protection as you battle the elements.
  9. Ladakh DV Jacket

    Ladakh DV Jacket

    Breathable and highly durable, the Ladakh DV Jacket is a fully featured waterproof for all round mountain use when winter hill walking, munro bagging, and scrambling.
  10. Sharp Edge Jacket

    Sharp Edge Jacket

    The ideal partner for ski mountaineering, the Sharp Edge is designed for technical climbs and nail biting descents.
  11. Sharp Edge Pants

    Sharp Edge Pants

    Created for the ski-mountaineer, our Sharp Edge Pants will take you through the mountains hut to hut as you pursue the perfect line.
  12. Latok DV Bib

    Latok DV Bib

    Our Latok Bib are the ultimate waterproof pants for prolonged action in bad weather or deep snow.
  13. Muztag DV Pants

    Muztag DV Pants

    Tough and durable, the Muztag DV Pants are lightweight waterproof pants designed for use in harsh winter conditions.
  14. Ladakh DV Pants

    Ladakh DV Pants

    Lightweight and waterproof, the Ladakh DV Pants are designed for winter hill walking, scrambling and all-round mountain use.
  15. Mantra Jacket
  16. Firewall Jacket

    Firewall Jacket

    The Firewall Jacket is a fully-featured, stretch waterproof in a breathable Pertex Shield® + 3-layer fabric, for active year-round mountain use.
  17. Arc Jacket

    Arc Jacket

    The Arc Jacket is a stretch waterproof jacket with pared-down features. Designed as the ideal lightweight and easily packable jacket for multi-season active use.
  18. Downpour Alpine

    Downpour Alpine

    Ideal for the likes of wet days in North Wales, the versatile Downpour Alpine Jacket is an all-mountain waterproof jacket designed for days hill walking, munro-bagging or scrambling.

  19. Downpour Plus Jacket

    Downpour Plus Jacket

    The Downpour Plus Jacket is a light-weight, versatile, waterproof jacket - made using Pertex Shield®, it's ideal for everyday general use.
  20. Firewall Pants

    Firewall Pants

    The Firewall Pants are stretch waterproof pants using Pertex Shield® + 3-layer fabric, ideal for use in alpine or winter conditions where freedom of movement is essential.
  21. Downpour Pants

    Downpour Pants

    The Downpour Pants are our lightest weight packable waterproof pants. Created with Pertex Shield® 2.5-layer fabric with Dry Touch, they are perfect for all-round protection, whether you're high in the mountain or on a wet walk in the Peak District.
  22. Downpour Jacket

    Downpour Jacket

    The Downpour Jacket is a new lightweight waterproof Jacket with Pertex Shield®+ 2.5 layer fabric with Dry Touch, ideal for everyday general use.