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With over 50 years’ experience in designing world-class carry systems, Lowe Alpine backpacks deliver incredible freedom of movement with a stable and comfortable carry.

Whether you need a climbing pack for pushing your limit in the mountains, a trekking pack to carry complex loads long-distance, a hiking backpack for exploring trails or a travel backpack for racking up the air miles, Lowe Alpine packs will keep you moving.

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  1. Fern

    Altus 42:47

    A versatile four season hiking backpack that provides great load support and stability.
  2. Blue Print

    Diran ND40:50

    Comfortbale and stable 40+10 litre women’s trekking backpack.
  3. Azure

    AirZone Camino Trek 30:40

    A 30 +10 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated breathable back.
  4. Azure

    AirZone Camino Trek 40:50

    40+10 litre qith a ventilated breathable back for day hikes and lightweight overnight backpacking.
  5. Black

    Airzone Camino Trek ND35:45

    35+10 litre women’s hiking backpack that keeps you cool and comfortable.
  6. Navy

    AirZone Pro 35:45

    Versatile and breathable 35+10 litre ventilated hiking backpack.
  7. Navy

    AirZone Trek 45:55

    45+10 litre ventilated hiking backpack
  8. Mediterranean

    AirZone Pro ND33:40

    Women’s hiking backpack delivers ventilation and comfort, whatever the terrain.
  9. Fern

    AirZone Trek 35:45

    The perfect mid-volume hiking backpack
  10. Navy

    AirZone Trek ND33:40

    Ventilated, light and comfortable women’s hiking backpack.
  11. Raspberry

    AirZone Trek ND43:50

    Ventilated, light and comfortable women’s hiking backpack.