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At this year’s Kendal Mountain Festival, we’ve joined up with our long-term partners, The Association of Mountaineering Instructors, to put on a series of free climbing workshops across the weekend. With so many festival attendees getting inspired by the talks and films on show, we wanted to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to learn the skills they need to take their own climbing adventures to the next level.

Over the weekend we’ll be hosting workshops aimed at introducing keen indoor climbers to the techniques required for outdoor sport climbing as well as classes on gear placement, belays and escaping the system for beginner and advanced trad climbers. We’ll also be offering a special session run by our technical trainers that will cover everything you need to know about that most vital of outdoor technologies; down. We’ll be explaining everything from fill-powers and baffle widths to the filling process itself as well as sharing helpful tips on getting maximum life and performance out of your down products.

If you’d like to attend any of the sessions, you can sign up by visiting the Rab stand in the Basecamp Village just outside the Brewery Arts Centre. Make sure to get there early though as spaces are limited.

All of the climbing sessions will be run by highly experienced members of the Rab AMI Test Team and all necessary equipment will be provided. An outline of the sessions and a timetable of when they will be running can be found below:



An intro to rope work for sport climbing outdoors, from clipping correctly, avoiding clipping mistakes to lowering off from a variety of anchors safely and reducing anchor wear when top roping.


Novice indoor climbers keen to develop the technical skills to climb sport routes outside. The workshop will be ground based and practical.


A basic intro to escaping the system, an essential skill if you ever find yourself in a tight spot. If you’re looking to venture into more adventurous terrain make sure you know how to escape!


Intermediate to experienced climbers that are already leading trad climbs outdoors. The workshop will be ground based and practical.


A brief look at the dark arts of traditional climbing protection, placing the perfect nut or cam and stringing together your gear into a solid belay that you can have full confidence in.


Novice outdoor climbers who’d like to increase their placement skills as well as safely arranging belays. The workshop will be ground based and practical.


Get the low-down on the difference between fill powers, baffles, hydrophobic treatments and sourcing. Learn how our down sleeping bags are hand filled in Derbyshire and the best tips and tricks to get the longest life out of your down. Enter a unique sack race for your chance to win a new sleeping bag!


Down enthusiasts of all ages.

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