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Review By
Andy Spink

I've recently been testing the Rab® Nimbus Jacket, wearing the garment for over three months in a variety of environments from the coastline and hills of Scotland to the heady heights of the major 4000m peaks of the Alps.

I have always carried a synthetic duvet jacket on my adventures whether for work or leisure. Being windproof and weatherproof, synthetic duvet jackets are an essential piece of equipment, especially for Scottish and alpine winter exploration.

On opening the packaging my first impression of the jacket was that it is a stylish, modern-looking garment. Initially I thought it was a down jacket - such is the feel of the 3M Cirrus insulation. It feels light at only 455g, which was a relief knowing it was not going to break my back carrying it.

The design is a clean and athletic cut with a comfortable hood, which is designed to be worn either under or over a helmet. It does both well and the elasticated trim holds the hood in place even in strong winds.

The two zipped hand warmer pockets and internal chest pocket work well, being accessible (even with a harness on) and the chest pocket is big enough for a modern smartphone.

The Nimbus features an under helmet hood and ... The Nimbus features an under or over helmet hood and a long cut to the back for excellent fit with a harness.

One of the features I really like on the Nimbus is the long cut to the back of the jacket. This extra length and insulation covers your bottom and fits neatly under a harness and doesn’t ride up on belaying or when bending over.

Another handy feature is the carrying loop which is available when you stuff the jacket into its own pocket. This is a practical way of carrying the jacket on the back of your harness when climbing sac-less or very light weight. The jacket is a little bulky but the feature works well.

The Pertex Quantum fabric shell is windproof and very shower proof. I have worn the jacket on some extremely damp days in Glencoe and the jacket remained dry on the inside, while also staying very well insulated. When it did get wet it dried very quickly, particularly when hung up in the wind or when it was left open as I walked.

Andy testing the Nimbus Jacket in the Lake District. Andy testing the Nimbus Jacket in Glencoe, Scotland.

I used the Nimbus Jacket at over 4500m on The Dom and other 4000m peaks in the Alps during the summer season. The Cirrus insulation coped really well with the unseasonably cold conditions and high winds that were encountered. After this, I am now completely confident that it will cope really well during my winter guiding work in Scotland. I will be packing it as my emergency jacket and belay jacket from now on.

Andy Spink has thirty-six years of climbing and mountaineering experience. He is the founder of Hebridean Pursuits ltd, an adventure company based on the West Coast of Scotland. Working throughout the year, Andy particularly loves instructing and guiding in the Scottish winter season.

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