Jude started climbing when she came to the UK as a student on an exchange year from her native Germany. These days she splits her time between Chamonix and North Wales, but travels extensively throughout the year. Although Jude loves all forms of climbing, her true passion still lies on the rock.

Climbing for me is a magical way of combining physical and mental challenges in beautiful surroundings in the company of wonderful people. The reasons why a climb or a climbing day may be especially memorable for me can vary a lot. Maybe one day it is after climbing well, smooth and with a calm fearless mind when absolutely at my limit or it can be after a sunny day out in a beautiful place where simply the company of friends, the place and moving on rock combined make me come home with a big smile on my face.

Other days might be memorable because I was scared or intimidated but I don’t like those days. Fear is not something I search for in climbing so I try to keep it flowy, safe and try to listen to how I feel so not to get myself into scary situations..something I had to learn over time though.

Notable Ascents

  • Serpentine (29), Taipan Wall
  • Pink Flower Tower (E5 6a), Greenland
  • Lord of the Flies (E6 6a), Dinas Cromlech
  • Swordfish Trombones (E5 6b), Swanage - DWS
  • Statement of Youth(8a), Lower Pen Trwyn
  • La Ligne Noir (8a+), Bionassy
  • L’Echo des Alpages (7a+ 400m), Grand Capuccin