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Every order placed on rab.equipment is carefully packed by our team in Derbyshire and shipped with DPD.

Orders placed during the week and before midday will typically be delivered within 48 hours, although some remote areas may take longer. If you place your order at the weekend it will be shipped the following Monday.

Once your order has left our warehouse you will receive an email from DPD with details to track your package.

Responsible Down Standard

We are proud to announce that here at Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd we have implemented Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification across our entire Rab down collection. The RDS is a comprehensive global, third-party-certified, animal welfare and traceability standard for down and feathers. The RDS ensures that the down in a product does not come from birds that have been live-plucked or force-fed and that their welfare has been protected from the time they were hatchlings to when they are slaughtered.

The entire supply chain – farms, collectors, slaughterhouses, down processors, sewing factories and distribution centres – are inspected by independent, professional certification bodies annually to guarantee complete traceability and compliance.

We are proud to be able to state that all of our down products are now RDS Certified.

Down is an integral part of our heritage here at Rab. It is the perfect choice for alpinists looking for the best weight to warmth ratio and the highest quality insulation for challenging conditions in the mountains.

For more information you can read about the RDS here - http://responsibledown.org/

Fluorocarbon Statement

Here at Rab we have been carefully monitoring the emerging environmental concerns about PFCs and working hard on this issue behind the scenes.

PFCs (Perfluorocarbons) are compounds that are widely used in many different industries, including the manufacture of durable water repellent finishes (DWRs) commonly used on outdoor apparel. The use of effective, durable water repellents prevents clothing from “wetting out”, which can have serious consequences to wearer safety and comfort in the mountains and outdoors. The active water repellents themselves are tightly and durably bound to the fabrics but there are trace levels (at parts-per-billion levels) of unfixed PFC’s that can enter the environment. The primary concern is that many PFC’s are persistent and do not biodegrade.

What we know is that DWRs based on PFCs provide the best performance out of the currently available chemical finishing technologies; they ensure that outdoor apparel is properly and durably water repellent.

At Rab we have always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously and in the absence of coherent, scientifically derived legislation we are working proactively to manage PFCs responsibly with the information available. Previously we have already voluntarily made a transition from long chain fluorocarbon finishes C8 to shorter chain C6, due to the reduced bio-persistence of C6 species in the environment, and we continue to search for PFC-free alternatives without compromising the performance and durability we know our customers need.

We have been consulting with the scientific community both in the UK and Europe, with independent experts and legislative bodies and our many technical suppliers.

We are committed to acting responsibly whilst continuing to deliver the correct level of technical performance for our customers. This work is progressing well. Subject to equal or improved technical performance being achieved, we have now committed to a goal of switching from PFC-based technologies for all our products by 2020. We will also continue to monitor the legal landscape for objective, scientific derived guidance on PFC’s and alternatives to ensure we arrive at the best solution for customers and the environment.

As this project continues we will let you know what steps we are taking and will update you on our progress towards our goal.

Modern Slavery Statement

Our Values

With over 30 years of experience, we specialise in making rugged, high-performance mountain clothing and equipment. Inspired by the mountains we climb, and the friendships we forge along the way, integrity and quality are at the heart of everything we produce.

The human rights of all people working directly or indirectly for Rab are of the utmost importance to us. We recognise we have a responsibility to protect and uphold these rights throughout our organisation and supply chain.

Any human rights abuses have no place in our business or in the world in which we live.

About the Act:

In October 2015 the UK Government’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the ‘Act’) came into force. Section 54 of this Act states that:

Certain organisations which supply goods or services in the UK to describe what they have done to eliminate modern slavery including human trafficking from their supply chains and their own business for each financial year of the organisation.

Throughout our organisation, we take our social responsibilities very seriously and believe that as a business we have absolute responsibility to bring a positive contribution to the lives of the people that work both directly and indirectly for Rab. People are our most valuable asset.

About Modern Slavery:

Modern slavery can take place in any country at any time.

Slavery (or its more common form - forced labour) can take on many forms in the modern supply chain. Examples of this include forced overtime, bonded labour, trafficked labour and child labour.

Our belief is that modern slavery is ‘one person or organisation depriving another of their liberty to exploit them for personal or commercial gain’.

Our Factory Supply Chain:

Currently, our Rab supply chain has six major suppliers. This includes two suppliers in China and one supplier in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Bangladesh. These major suppliers are called Tier 1A suppliers and are the factories that supply us directly.

In addition to this, we have 15 secondary suppliers. Through our supply chain we indirectly employ over 8000 people through our suppliers.

With our product supply chain predominately situated in Asia we realise we must be extremely vigilant in ensuring standards are met. However, it is important to note that our UK operation should not be ignored – an example. Not far from our head offices in the East Midlands there has been recent publicity of slavery issues with in the warehousing industry in the form of zero hour contacts. We believe zero hour contracts are a form of modern slavery. We do not and will not operate such practices.

Within our operation, we ensure that all staff are free from bond, and work for Rab because they wish to rather than have to.

Our Commitment:

We take our responsibility to protect and uphold human rights throughout our organisation and supply chain extremely seriously.

We do this by:

  • Insisting on fair and living wages in all the factories we work with: We make sure we work with partners in countries and areas that most benefit from the wages and employment that our business brings. We understand we have the chance through to improve the lives of the people that work for us and insist all employees of the factories we work with are on a fair and living wage.
  • Build long term relationships with our suppliers: This allows the factories we partner with to invest in both the individuals that work there and the facilities they can provide them with. We understand long terms partnerships don’t guarantee good working conditions, however we work hard to develop this over time and hope that the influence Rab can have on suppliers will increases with time.
  • Ensure continuous production with suppliers: People rely on consistent and regular earnings. Brands that place orders once a year make it hard for factories to employ their workers continuously. In contrast with this, we work in partnership with our factories to ensure individuals are able to earn every day of the year.
  • Minimise the number of short term deliveries: It has been shown that short term deliveries can fuel the overtime issues that are common place in many factories. This is because when a brand places an order with a short delivery time, the factory often increases overtime to meet deadlines. Whilst all overtime in all our factories must voluntary; there can be an implied pressure, which can be hard to monitor. By avoiding short term deliveries, we reduce the chances of this.

Our Actions:

We continuously assess our supply chain, visiting and auditing all our major suppliers.

In our larger supplier’s factories, we have our own staff permanently based in the on-site. We also require all our factories to comply with our CSR standards, and are monitored for their continuous compliance.

The Future:

Looking forward to 2017/18 we will ensure we:

  • Audit our smaller tier 1B suppliers throughout the next 12 months.
  • Assess the likely risk in the material suppliers we use to make the fabrics that our products are made from.

Customer Information Obligation Statement

Our responsibility to the environment includes being compliant with the Consumer Information Obligation; in order to meet this, we provide information detailing recycling advice and guidance for our customers, including how and where to recycle, a guide to recycling symbols and top recycling tips. The overall aim is ensuring our customers are aware of their recycling responsibilities and have the correct information to become more environmentally friendly, in the home and work-place, all of which is focused around the traditional waste hierarchy principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This information is available via the following link: https://www.complydirect.com/the-recycling-room

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