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Whether you're on an expedition, backpacking or wild camping, the weight of your kit is key. When all your kit needs to attach to or fit into your rucksack, cutting out unnecessary grams can help to keep your whole setup manageable. The Rab® range of lightweight sleeping bags contains great options for keeping your camping setup light and easy to carry.

We've appied our decades of experience with insulation and outdoor equipment to create a range of synthetic sleeping bags and < a href="">down sleeping bags that are packable and ensure a comfortable nights sleep when you need to build up those energy reserves.

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  1. Rab Temperature Limit 0°C to 5°C
  1. Rab Temperature Limit 0°C to 5°C

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  1. Black

    Rab Sleep Limit 0°C

    Mythic Ultra 180 Sleeping Bag

    The redefinition of ultra-light, utilising world-first technology.
  2. Sulphur

    Rab Sleep Limit 1°C

    Neutrino Pro 200

    Protective, lightweight, down-filled with low pack size.
  3. Firecracker

    Rab Sleep Limit 1°C

    Neutrino 200

    Lightweight, minimalist, down filled for fast and light travel.