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At the age of 15, a friend invited Sarah on a climbing trip to Southern France. From the first day on, Sarah loved to move on rock, and her focus immediately switched from cross-country skiing in the Bavarian Alps to rock climbing.

After a short period of taking part at climbing competitions, Sarah realized that competing was not the reason for her to climb and has ever since focused on climbing outdoors. In 2009, she was the first woman to climb a route graded 8c in Frankenjura. Since then, her tick list has grown year after year.

In 2015 and 2016, Sarah gave birth to her two sons. Sarah loves to travel and climb together as a family and to pass on her passion for the rocks and the outdoors to her children.

Sarah is working as PR & Communications Manager at Equip Outdoor Technologies. Together with her family, she is living close to Frankenjura, allowing her to balance family, climbing and work.

Notable Ascents

  • Battle Cat / Frankenjura (8c/+), 2018
  • New Orleans Heavy Weight Divion (8c), 2020
  • Intercooler / Frankenjura (8c), 2019
  • Headcrash / Frankenjura (8c), 2019
  • Roof Warrior / Frankenjura (8c), 2017
  • T1 Full-Equip / Oliana (8c), 2012
  • Chri-Su / Rottachberg (8c), 2012
  • Odd Fellows / Frankenjura (8c), 2010
  • Steinbock / Frankenjura (8c), 2009
  • Ronin / Frankenjura (8b+/8c), 2009
  • King of Bongo / Rottachberg (8b+/8c), 2007
  • Boulder problems up to 8A+