Since our inception, the quality and technical performance of our products has been of paramount importance. We have identified the best technical suppliers to manufacture our products and have developed long term, trusted relationships with them regardless of where they operate across the globe. 

Our global footprint stretches across Asia; covering countries including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. We are proud to also retain manufacturing expertise at our factory in Derbyshire, UK where we still hand-fill our down insulated sleeping bags.  

Our supply chain has grown across the years, as has the priority we place on our relationships. Regardless of where we operate, we demand the same quality and standards, and expect all our employees and partners to have safe working conditions, be treated fairly and with respect. Our relationships allow us to ensure that employees can be paid a fair wage –we seek efficiencies where they make sense, but we do not demand meagre savings, which could affect the ability for the factory to pay its staff well. It makes sense for us to have a rewarded, sustainable workforce, that understand our products and are committed to their jobs. We believe that long term partnerships helps facilitate this.

“It makes sense for us to have a rewarded, sustainable workforce, that understand our products and are committed to their jobs.”

While we recognise that manufacturing overseas can introduce more risk in some countries, continuing to develop the skills, expertise and standards in overseas facilities is something which we take very seriously. To remove our business for these communities would severely impact the economic viability of the area and open the workers up to exploitation by organisations with lower standards and less regulation in place than ourselves. We are proud to create jobs in countries that are seeking to upskill their workforce and that want to increase wages and living conditions for the population.  

All our facilities are regularly checked to ensure they have relevant health and safety, environment and social audits carried out by a third party that meet the local standards as an absolute minimum. All our manufacturing sites are also visited multiple times each year by our own employees. We speak with our key supply chain partners almost daily. It is very much a close partnership. 

Each of our strategic supplier partners has received and adheres to our supplier manual covering key social, ethical, labour standards and health and safety issues. Included within our supplier manual is a clear mandate to eradicate any unauthorised sub-contracting. We work hard to ensure these standards are maintained and to maximise transparency across our operation across our full supply chain.