At Rab we pride ourselves in producing quality hard-wearing products designed to last. We want your Rab items to perform well, in the conditions it’s designed for, no matter its age. 

We believe our products are bought by people who expect to use them for life. The quality, technical functionality and price do not encourage a fast fashion purchaser. 

To support this, all our products come with a guarantee that covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials, for the usable lifetime of the product.  

Depending upon location, items can be sent to a Rab service centre where repairs can be carried out by our skilled staff, using original materials and technical know-how to extend the life of much-loved products. We have been repairing Rab items this way for over 20 years. Our aim is to extend the life of much-loved products.  

Our UK service centre offers a Rab Wash -a no fuss, specialist down wash service that ensures that your Rab jacket or sleeping bag is clean, fully lofted and ready for your next adventure for years to come. 

Samples, repaired returns, overstocked items, or other unsaleable products are either: 

  • Resold in the Equip Technologies factory outlet shop, 
  • Resold at an event or tradeshow, 
  • Repurposed into new items 
  • Donated to charities for reuse (i.e. homeless charities, overseas charities), or 
  • Disassembled back to raw components and donate as fabric for education and research, and zips, cords and pulls kept as spares. 

The Rab Support pages on the website provides hints and tips to extend the life of items, including tips for everything from cleaning, washing, quick repairs and reproofing.