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Lowe Alpine hiking backpacks are ideal for day hiking to thru-hikes and deliver ultimate fit, comfort and load support, no matter how many miles you plan to cover.

You'll find plenty of options to choose from including popular 30L hiking backpacks, women’s fit rucksacks or ventilated backpacks All of our hiking backpacks are built to carry your load with the utmost efficiency. Lightweight, technical and versatile, Lowe Alpine walking backpacks come with a choice of carry systems: AirZone for pioneering ventilation, comfort and breathability; the Altus Air Contour+ for premium stability and load support; and Aeon multi-activity packs with ultra-light, micro-stretch Flexion technology.

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  1. Volume 21-35 litres
  2. Features Adjustable back length
  1. Volume 21-35 litres
  2. Features Adjustable back length

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  1. Azure

    Aeon 35L Daypack

    A 35 litre lightweight, technical day pack that's as versatile as you are.
  2. Anthracite

    Aeon 27L Daypack

    Lightweight, technical daypack designed to keep you moving.
  3. Azure

    Aeon 22L Daypack

    A lightweight, technical day pack.
  4. Anthracite

    Women's Aeon ND33L Daypack

    33 litre lightweight, technical women's day pack.
  5. Lagoon Blue

    Women's Aeon ND25L Daypack

    A lightweight, technical 25 litre women's day pack.