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With over 50 years’ experience in designing world-class carry systems, Lowe Alpine has created a range of backpacks for men and women that deliver incredible freedom of movement with a stable and comfortable carry. With options available from lightweight 5L daypacks, to 70L+ feature-packed backpacks, through to large travel holdalls for your expedition kit, there's something for everyone in the Lowe Alpine range.

Whether you need a climbing pack for pushing your limit in the mountains, a trekking pack

to carry complex loads long-distance, a hiking backpack for exploring trails or a travel backpack for racking up the air miles, Lowe Alpine has your next adventure covered.

  1. Black

    Cholatse 42:47L Hiking Pack

    Expandable mid-volume all-mountain hiking pack for tough long-distance trails.
  2. Teal

    Women's Cholatse ND40:45L Hiking Pack

    Expandable all-mountain women's hiking pack for tough long-distance trails.
  3. Azure

    AirZone Camino Trek 40:50L Hiking Backpack

    40+10 litre qith a ventilated breathable back for day hikes and lightweight overnight backpacking.
  4. Azure

    AirZone Camino Trek 30:40L Hiking Backpack

    A 30 +10 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated breathable back.
  5. Black

    AirZone Camino Trek ND35:45L Hiking Backpack

    35+10 litre women’s hiking backpack that keeps you cool and comfortable.
  6. Navy

    AirZone Pro 35:45L Hiking Backpack

    Versatile and breathable 35+10 litre ventilated hiking backpack.
  7. Mediterranean

    Women's AirZone Pro ND33:40L Hiking Backpack

    Women’s hiking backpack delivers ventilation and comfort, whatever the terrain.
  8. Fern

    AirZone Trek 35:45L Hiking Backpack

    The perfect mid-volume hiking backpack
  9. Raspberry

    Women's AirZone Trek ND43:50L Hiking Backpack

    Ventilated, light and comfortable women’s hiking backpack.
  10. Navy

    Women's AirZone Trek ND33:40L Hiking Backpack

    Ventilated, light and comfortable women’s hiking backpack.
  11. Blue Print

    Women's Diran ND40:50L Trekking Pack

    Comfortbale and stable 40+10 litre women’s trekking backpack.
  12. Navy

    Halcyon 45:50L Mountaineering pack

    A mountaineering pack is made to carry all the kit you’ll need on longer mountain trips.
  13. Haute Red

    Halcyon 35:40L Mountaineering pack

    Alpine mountaineering pack has everything you need for a day moving in the mountains.
  14. Pinstripe

    Uprise 40:50L Climbing Pack

    A large volume alpine climbing pack big enough to carry everything you need on multi-day routes.
  15. Fire

    Uprise 30:40L Climbing Pack

    A mid-volume alpine climbing pack.
  16. Anthracite

    AT Kit Bag 40

    With a stashable harness for carrying flexibility, the AT Kit Bag 40 is made for lugging your kit to the other side of the world
  17. Graphite

    Rogue 48 Crag Pack

    Built to keep you comfortable and organised on long, fully loaded approaches.
  18. Golden Palm

    Outcast 44L Climbing Pack

    The ultimate sport climbing backpack.
  19. Graphite

    Halo 40L Backpack

    The ultimate carry on backpack for weekends away.
  20. Escape Flight Pro 40L Cabin Backpack

    Escape Flight Pro 40L Cabin Backpack

    40 litre backpack designed for adventure travel.
  21. Escape Flight 36L Cabin Backpack

    Escape Flight 36L Cabin Backpack

    Cabin compatible when you want the freedom of baggage-free travel.