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With over 50 years’ experience in designing world-class carry systems, Lowe Alpine has created a range of backpacks for men and women that deliver incredible freedom of movement with a stable and comfortable carry. With options available from lightweight 5L daypacks, to 70L+ feature-packed backpacks, through to large travel holdalls for your expedition kit, there's something for everyone in the Lowe Alpine range.

Whether you need a climbing pack for pushing your limit in the mountains, a trekking pack

to carry complex loads long-distance, a hiking backpack for exploring trails or a travel backpack for racking up the air miles, Lowe Alpine has your next adventure covered.

  1. Blue Night

    Cholatse 32L Hiking Pack

    All-season 32-litre day hiking pack for mixed mountain terrain.
  2. Black

    Women's Cholatse ND30L Hiking Pack

    All-season 30-litre women's hiking pack for mixed mountain terrain.
  3. Navy

    AirZone Active 22L Daypack

    Lightweight ventilated 22-litre day pack for cool, comfy day hikes.
  4. Black

    AirZone Spirit 25L Backpack

    Ventilated commuter day pack for city streets and mountain trails.
  5. Marine

    AirZone Trail 35L Hiking Backpack

    With a ventilated breathable back, this 35 litre backpack will keep you cool and comfortable.
  6. Dark Olive

    AirZone Trail 30L Hiking Backpack

    A great all-round 30 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back.
  7. Auburn

    AirZone Trail 25L Hiking Backpack

    Hiking backpack for easy day hikes and shorter treks. With a ventilated breathable back.
  8. Blueprint

    Women's AirZone Trail ND32L Hiking Backpack

    A great all-round 32 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back. Women's fit.
  9. Raspberry

    Women's AirZone Trail ND28L Hiking Backpack

    A great all-round 28 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back. Women's fit.
  10. Dawn Blue

    Women's AirZone Trail ND24L Hiking Backpack

    A great all-round 24 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back. Women's fit.
  11. Azure

    Aeon 35L Daypack

    A 35 litre lightweight, technical day pack that's as versatile as you are.
  12. Anthracite

    Aeon 27L Daypack

    Lightweight, technical daypack designed to keep you moving.
  13. Azure

    Aeon 22L Daypack

    A lightweight, technical day pack.
  14. Anthracite

    Women's Aeon ND33L Daypack

    33 litre lightweight, technical women's day pack.
  15. Lagoon Blue

    Women's Aeon ND25L Daypack

    A lightweight, technical 25 litre women's day pack.
  16. Fire

    Renegade 28L Climbing Pack

    A climbing and mountaineering pack perfect for gram counters who value robust design and a comfortable carry.
  17. Black

    AirZone Spirit 25L Backpack

    25 litre backpack perfect for hiking, cycling and commuting. Ventilated back.
  18. Black

    AirZone Z 25L Daypack

    A great choice for day hikes and multi-use. With ventilated back. 25 litre.
  19. Black

    AirZone Z Duo 30L Daypack

    A versatile 30 litre women's multi-use backpack with a ventilated back.
  20. Graphite

    Misfit 27L Climbing Pack

    The perfect small volume climbing backpack for paring it back.
  21. Jade Green

    Klettersack 30L Daypack

    Heritage-inspired 30 litre day pack.
  22. Tabasco

    Pioneer 26L Daypack

    Inspired by alpine summits, the Pioneer 26 litre day pack is based on original Lowe brothers design from 1985.
  23. Graphite

    Halo 32L Laptop Backpack

    Stylish and versatile laptop backpack that will keep up with you as you stay on the move.
  24. Burnt Olive

    Halo 25L Commuter Backpack

    The commuter backpack which can take you further than the nine to five.
  25. Dark Olive

    Phase 30L Daypack

    A laptop-friendly backpack designed for outdoor kit and work-life essentials.
  26. Anthracite

    Link 22L Daypack

    A laptop-friendly day pack that puts quick access and simple load organisation first.
  27. Dark Olive

    Flex 25L Daypack

    A mid-volume day pack with internal organisation and laptop sleeve.
  28. Golden Palm

    Tensor 23L Daypack

    A lightweight multi-purpose day pack
  29. Cadet Blue

    Edge 22L Daypack

    The ideal urban-outdoor crossover day pack.
  30. Ebony

    Edge 26L Daypack

    25 litre day pack combines a padded laptop sleeve with trail-ready features.
  31. Navy

    Revolt 35L Ski Touring Pack

    35 litre ski touring pack for all-round mountain use and multi-day ski tours.
  32. Master Image

    Revolt 25L Ski Touring Pack

    25 litre ski touring pack for flexible off-piste ski tours and light-footed ski mountaineering.