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Keep your gear safely stowed with our range of Lowe Alpine accessories for mountaineering, hiking, travelling and trekking.

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  1. Baggage Handler

    Baggage Handler

    Safely stow away your pack in transit in our large baggage handler.
  2. Rucksac Liner

    Rucksac Liner

    Waterproof rucksack liner. Keeps your essential clothing and equipment dry.
  3. Mirage

    Flight Case Large

    Versatile travel bag with multiple pockets and compartments.
  4. Master Image


    Lightweight rain cover in nylon fabric. Includes stuff sac.
  5. Anthracite

    Stuff IT 22L Lightweight Pack

    Lightweight pack which folds into an internal pocket.
  6. Master Image

    Bag For Life

    Giving leftover fabric a new chance in life, and raising funds for charity
  7. Anthracite

    Sunglasses Shell

    Traditional sunglasses case.
  8. Airstream Compression Sack

    Airstream Compression Sack

    Lightweight and waterproof compression sac.
  9. Master Image


    Durable, waterproof nylon stuff sac with roll-top closure.
  10. Master Image

    Ultralite Drysack

    Ultralight, waterproof nylon stuff sac with roll-top closure.
  11. Anthracite

    Packing Cube

    Pack more efficiently by storing your kit in cubes.
  12. Beige

    Dryzone Passport Wallet

    For securely storing a passport, credit cards and money under your clothes.
  13. Beige

    Passport Wallet

    Next-to-skin pouch. Made from soft, breathable material.
  14. Anthracite

    Roll Up Wash Bag

    Multiple pockets and an integrated smash-proof mirror.
  15. Beige


    For securely storing a passport and credit cards under your clothes.
  16. Mirage

    Wash Bag Small

    Multiple pockets and an integrated smash-proof mirror.
  17. Master Image