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© Diego Borello @diegoborello_

"Being outdoors makes me feel free and without anything superficial to think about I can be myself with no mask"

Tell us about yourself, and where you are from?

I’m a climber on rocks and on competition. I love my sport for it's variety and deep connections with nature.

I’m from Faenza, small city close to Bologna, there isn’t a lot of rock climbing around there. In fact my passion started in the gym and then moved to rock.

I've a passion for training and working for goals which gives me power and energy for my mind. I also love meeting new people and visiting different climbing destinations.

What's your back story, and how did you get into the outdoors and your particular discipline?

I started climbing in the gym and after some years, around the age of 15 I slowly started climbing outside with older friends. To me outdoor climbing provides me with a challenge for myself and also gives me a deep connection with the nature. It’s just incredible climb on rocks following the features of the nature has to offers.

Which trips, expeditions, or achievements are you most proud of?

This winter I focused on climbing hard routes in Arco (TN). Arco is one of the coolest place on the earth for rock climbing.

It has been a crazy season where I succeeded on a lot of hard routes such as Begging 9a+ (4th ascent), Trofeo dell Adriatico 9a+ (4th ascent) and Bombardino also 9a+ (3 ascent).

© Diego Borello @diegoborello_
© Diego Borello @diegoborello_

Notable Achievements

  • 50km PB of 3 hours 29 minutes

  • Competed in the Elite category at the 2021 Golden Trail Series

  • Bennachie Ultra 3rd place