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Christine Bérubé-Martin, a Mikmaq first nation from Quebec, went out for her first-time backcountry snowboarding in the Chic-Chocs in 2012. She instantly knew this was going to be her “new” way of life.

Until the age of 24, she was not into sports at all, living a fairly sedentary lifestyle. At a young age, she lost her mother from cancer, and at some point, she wanted to change her destructive habits into a healthier lifestyle. She had tried many ways, but couldn’t stick to anything, until she hiked and snowboarded on “Champs de Mars” (Chic-Choc Mountains). This was her redemption. She quit smoking the next day and started running in mountains regularly and ever since then, she has been pushing her limits and conquering her inner mountain every time she climbed one. Now a passionate split boarder, she enjoys mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing and canoeing once the snow disappears.

If she is not on a mountain, she is either planning her next adventure, or getting involved in her community. She aspires to be an example for people who want to adopt a healthier/active lifestyle, because she wasn’t a born athlete and didn’t have that type of inspiration at a younger age, but wishes she did. Christine believes that a healthy and active lifestyle has allowed her to meet many great people and make connections with communities. This is part of the many things that drives her to enjoy outdoor sports.

She decided to take a break after her nursing studies and moved northwest, to snowboard in bigger mountains. Now working at Mount Logan EcoLodge in the Yukon as a Lodge-assistant and part-time assistant-guide, she is now established there to get closer to the St-Elias Range where stands the highest peak of Canada, Mount Logan.

Notable Ascents

  • Ultratrail du Mont Albert (100km) From Mont Nicol-Albert to Mont Jacques-Cartier / 2017 (Chic-choc range)

  • Raid international de la Gaspésie (3 times : 2016-2017-2018 / 150km and 300km)

  • 4 Ultramarathons:
    - Ultratrail du Mont albert 50k (2016) Gaspésie
    - Gaspesia series: 56km (2018-2019 finished 4th woman both years) Gaspésie
    - Reckless Raven 45km (Yukon) (4th woman)

  • 2 Mountain bike raids: Gaspesia series: 44k 2018 (2nd woman) / 2019 (1st woman)

  • Expedition in Nunavik Quebec 2019 (hiking and rafting / 160km for 23 days total from mount Iberville to Ungava Bay following the Koroc river) Torngats range (Documentary Passages/ Traversées)

  • Few of her many Backcountry Day trips in the Yukon / BC:
    - Mount Archibald (2588m altitude Kluane Range)
    - Mount Martha Black (2512m Auriol Range) and Quill Peak (2441m Auriol Range)
    - Mount Mcdonell (1648m St-Elias range Stikine Region)
    - Mount Kings Throne (1990m Dalton Range) (Her weekly training mountain)