The Kendal Mountain Festival has become a yearly rite of passage for all those with a passion for the outdoors. The festival celebrates the very best in outdoor adventure, personal achievement and creativity. Alongside the packed schedule of films, KMF also offers talks from some of the most accomplished explorers, adventurers and boundary pushers in the outdoor world as well as interactive events, workshops and opportunities to meet the people behind numerous brands and outdoor initiatives in the Basecamp Tent.

Rab will once again be in attendance and we’re excited to be involved in practically all aspects of this year’s festival. Our team will be manning the Rab Basecamp stand throughout the festival weekend where you’ll have the opportunity to talk to all members of the Rab Team, from Designers and Technical Trainers who are eager to answer your questions on the finer points of outdoor clothing to athletes and our AMI partners who will be offering instructional climbing classes throughout the weekend to help keep you safe when exploring in the mountains.

We’re also extremely proud to have two Rab supported films featured at the festival, which you can find trailers for towards the bottom of this page. ‘The Place of the Gaels’ is a celebration of Scotland’s landscape, climbing and culture as seen through the eyes of three members of our US Team. Visiting in January this year, the weather proved even more temperamental than they had been told, but Angela, Fabrizio and Jon persevered through the worst of the weather, finding in the Cairngorms, The Ben and The Great Wilderness that spark of magic that makes Scotland so unique. Find a showing time for ‘The Place of the Gaels’ here. One of the characters of the film, photographer Nick White is the subject of our second film ‘Black Dots’ which catalogues Nick’s journey to explore and document the remote Mountain Bothies of the UK. Find a showing time for ‘Black Dots’ here.


Lastly, but certainly not least, Rab athlete Paul Ramsden will be giving a talk at the festival on Sunday morning. Paul joined the Rab family last year after decades of expeditions to the greater ranges where he has achieved an unparalleled ticklist of first ascents. In contrast to many young, modern mountaineers and alpinists, Paul favours a “Fastish and Lightish” approach in the mountains, eschewing speed for a considered, calculated approach that has seen him achieve a higher rate of success on expedition than practically any of his peers. Somewhat of an enigma, Paul has avoided the limelight currently directed at the climbing world, preferring a day job to sponsorship and achieving world-class feats of mountaineering in his holidays. An infrequent public speaker, this is a rare opportunity to hear from one of Britain’s most accomplished mountaineers. You can book tickets to see Paul here.

Kendal Mountain Festival takes place from the 16th-19th of this month and you can find out more information on the Festival Website.

The Place of the Gaels

‘The Place of the Gaels’ is an exploration of Scotland’s landscape, culture and people. From the climbers and skiers who live for Scottish winter to the musicians and craftspeople who make their living in the highlands.

Black Dots

The Black Dots Project is a film delving into the talented world of Nicholas JR White, where his wooden camera makes his photography a work of art. Exploring the British landscape, Nick can be seen documenting glimpses of the peculiarities and personalities behind bothies and the culture that coincides with them.

Press play to join Nicholas behind the scenes and experience what it’s like to stay in a bothy…