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The first 2 months of 2015 were dedicated to ski training so as to prepare for the first step of mountain guide exam early in March. Two months without rock or ice climbing.. too long !! I passed this first part, the ski test, successfully so no regrets!! The next section is early in July for the summer test; keep on training :)


I didn’t do lots of ice climbing this winter because of my ski training, but conditions were still good in Gavarnie mid-march :).

I was really happy to climb there again with Marco and Gaël on Les Alpes Juliennes (WI5+) on the second tier, on the left side of the cirque!! We had an early start from Toulouse,  approached on skis in fresh powder and finished climbing in a snow storm, before abseiling with headlamps - with a smile on everyone's face…






This climbing let me a tasty flavour of ice and I wanted more... & more!! :) I motivated Max to get back for another long day in the magic cirque. We set off from Toulouse at 02:00, followed by 3 hours of driving and a ski approach (it’s much better for getting back to the car!!).



After two 300m routes, we were back in Toulouse by 23:30… We climbed La Cascade des Banzayous (WI4+) and Adrénaline (WI5+) for our last day in Gavarnie this winter. We were glad of our small rack of Camalots to protect on the rock on Adrenaline, because of the poor quality and quantity of ice..



It’s time to get back on the rock !!!

Sylvain Thiabaud dry tooling

See you soon[vimeo