Rab has always been inextricably linked to Scotland. It is our founder’s place of birth, and while he learned his manufacturing prowess in Argentina and built his company in the heart of industrial Sheffield, it is Scotland that has always inspired our work. Scottish Winter, more taxing and forbidding than the alpine playgrounds of Europe and an unornamented, spartan training for greater objectives around the globe, has driven our design for hard-wearing, long-lasting mountain clothing.

It seemed appropriate then that we should bring a taste of that experience to our original home in Sheffield with the premiere of ‘The Place of the Gaels’, a film that followed members of our American team as we treated them to the Scottish climbing experience, complete with foul, temperamental weather, local characters and some of the most beautiful landscapes to be found anywhere in the world.

While Scottish stars of the film Greg Boswell and Kev Shields made the trip South of the border and highland band Ho-Ro were on hand with some appropriate music, the characteristic Scottish winter failed to make the journey. A blessing in disguise as our venue, in the bowels of the Sheffield Brewing Company, was a little cooler than your conventional cinema. Packed with over 150 guests, as well as a selection of pies courtesy of The Depot bakery, things didn’t stay cold for long however, helped along by the warm reception of compere Andy Cave who introduced the film.

As well as the film itself, it was a pleasure to share the insights of both athletes and filmmakers in a live Q&A, the spirit of bothy culture with our ‘left-behind’ photo decorations and a dance to the Celtic rhythms of Ho-Ro with all our guests. It was a privilege to share the first viewing of the film with so many of the Sheffield residents who, like us, revel in the yearly pilgrimage to the places celebrated in the film.

We look forward to sharing the film, a true love letter to Scottish climbing, landscape and culture with an even wider audience when it launches online next Tuesday, the 17th of October.

Watch the full film

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